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Lindsay Lohan’s Got a New Christmas Movie on Netflix—and We’re So Excited

Falling For Christmas—the film that sees Lindsay Lohan in her first major role in nearly 10 years—is a real gift...

Does Anne Hathaway Think Nate Was the Villain in ‘The Devil Wears Prada?’ Here’s W...

Anne Hathaway finally opened up about Nate, and her thoughts are pretty surprising.

George Clooney Had the Nicest Thing to Say About His “ER” Costars

George Clooney may be one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood, but he still has big love for his...

18 Emmy, Oscar, and Other Award Show Scandals That Rocked the Industry

Awards shows, often aired live, have seen their fair share of scandals over the years—but as they say, the shows...

Why Bill Murray Hated the Movie Groundhog Day

You'll never watch (or rewatch) this classic comedy the same way again

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32 Photos of the Incomparable Betty White

In honor of Betty White's unparalleled 99 years of life, here are some memorable photos celebrating her illustrious career.

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50 Parents Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Being a Parent

Need a minute to unwind from parent life? We rounded up the best parents' quotes that'll make you smile, laugh,...

Principal Ballerina Misty Copeland: What Her Mom Taught Her About Being Black in America

Success and breaking barriers have not pacified Misty Copeland. Instead, Copeland continues to use her platform to highlight the need...

32 Funny Drinking Quotes That Will Make You Spit Your Drink Out

Made for everyone who gets a little too excited for happy hour.

13 Good Neighbor Lessons We Learned from Mr. Rogers

We could all learn a thing or two from Fred Rogers.

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15 Famous Movie Quotes Everyone Gets Wrong

At some point, someone messed up these famous movie lines, and the misquotes became more well-known than the actual script....

29 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Siblings

Isn't it funny how talent runs in the family? For National Sibling Day on April 10, let's celebrate some equally...

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The Best 14 Reads From the 2020 Quarantine Book Club

Social distancing? No problem! Dive into a virtual community of book lovers with these hot picks from the Quarantine Book...

4 Canine Actors That Made More Money Than Humans

Sure, it pays well to be an Instagram-famous dog today—but these beloved dogs of Old Hollywood also earned some serious...

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The Most Famous Movie Dog the Decade You Were Born

Around the time you were born, were canine cinephiles sending fan mail to Rin Tin Tin, weeping over Old Yeller,...

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10 Secret Messages Hidden in World Famous Paintings

Turns out Michelangelo, da Vinci, Van Gogh and company were even more brilliant than we've given them credit for.

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50 of the Most Famous Movie Quotes of All Time

Movies are meant to bring people together, inspire, and entertain. Here are the best movie quotes of all time that...

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How to Make Joanna Gaines’ Famous Biscuit Recipe

In Magnolia Table, Joanna Gaines writes that it took her a year to master this biscuit recipe. Find out if...

Can You Guess the Famous Book from a Single Line?

Many of these romantic declarations, calls to action, and observations about the world can stand on their own. But can...

40 Funny Baby Photos That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

After readers sent in their cute kids' pictures, we pulled out a few funny faces, then added famous baby quotes...

10 Funny Typos in Famous Works of Literature

Even grammar sticklers should be able to forgive the editors for these notorious (and often hilarious) goofs.

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How the Most Famous Royals Got Their Titles

The titles used by members of the royal family may seem complicated, but they actually are supposed to simplify the...

What You Probably Didn’t Know About 10 Famous Authors

Trekkies and Star Wars fans have nothing on book lovers.

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11 of the Most Famous Riddles in History

From the Bible to Shakespeare to Harry Potter, these riddles were dreamed up by some of history's most celebrated writers—and...

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10 Movies With the Best One-Liners You’ll Want to Say Over and Over

These classic movies are unforgettable for many reasons, including these famous one-liners.

10 Iconic Characters You Never Knew Were Based on Real People

Truth is stranger than fiction. It's usually better too! You won't believe which famous icons actually had real-life counterparts.

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The Famous Designer Princess Diana Wouldn’t Wear—Because of Camilla

A fight on her honeymoon made Diana resent one iconic label.

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15 Mysterious Celebrity Deaths That Are Still Unexplained

Though some of these deaths occurred decades ago, that hasn't stopped conspiracy theorists from trying to sniff out the truth.

17 Famous Company Names You’re Actually Pronouncing All Wrong

Most businesses could not care less how you say their name as long as you spell your name correctly on...

The Last Thing James Dean Said Before His Infamous Car Crash

The famous American actor passed away at the young age of 24.