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This Musician Asks Kids to Trade Their Guns in for Trumpets to Help Combat Violence in New Orleans

Alarmed by a tragic shooting in 
his hometown, a New Orleans musician 
gives hope to kids—for a song.

This Tattoo Artist Helps People with Scars Love Their Body Again

The first fingernail tattoos started off as a joke—but soon he was getting the attention of people from all...

This Artist Painted the Burned Home of a Wildfire Victim—And Transformed a Community

An artist fights a devastating forest fire, 
one can of spray paint at a time.

How a TV Doctor Saved the Life of a Man with Special Needs

A man with cerebral palsy was determined to 
meet the star of his 
favorite medical drama—and no one could've expected...

The Book I Found Under Some Floorboards in My Attic Saved My Soul

One girl thought she'd hit gold. She had no idea how right she was.

How Arts and Crafts Kept This Community Together After a Tragic Wildfire

Tennessee’s oldest arts and crafts school survives (and thrives) after a fire tore through almost everything.

This Craftsman Has Made 145,000 Hammocks in 30 Years. Did We Mention He’s Blind?

His company says he's never dropped a stitch in his whole career.

The Reunion That Took 77 Years to Happen

A teenaged Minka Disbrow was forced to give her newborn daughter Betty Jane up for adoption in 1929, but she...

These Inspiring Photos Helped a Child with Muscular Dystrophy

An amateur photographer helps a boy with muscular dystrophy achieve his dreams.