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Calling all book lovers! From books for kids to books for adults (and everything in between), we’ve got all the inspiration you need when the time is right to start a new novel–or finishing the one that’s been sitting on your shelf.

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20 Feel-Good Books to Get You Through Tough Times

No matter how the world has got you down, these feel-good books are bound to brighten your day

Harry Potter Exclusive: Tom Felton Shares New Draco Details

Everyone's favorite Hogwarts bad boy reveals what it was really like to film the Harry Potter movies—and what he's up...

11 Best Judy Blume Books for Every Stage of Life

The best stories make us feel seen and safe, no matter what we're dealing with—and the gentle truths found in...

15 Unforgettable Books for Women, Recommended by Women Who Love to Read

Female bookworms—including authors, professional book reviewers and book influencers—weigh in on the books for women they think everyone needs to...

Where to Donate Books: 14 Places to Donate Used or Unwanted Reads

Here's where to donate books to make a difference in your community and around the world

The 56 Best Horror Books of All Time

Do yourself a favor: Don't read these horror books right before bedtime!

The Ultimate Guide to 35 Popular Book Genres

With so many book genres to choose from, you're bound to find something you love

25 Books by Irish Authors That Are as Captivating as the Emerald Isle

Don't limit your Irish literature to St. Patrick's Day. These books by Irish authors are worth reading all year long.

The National Book Foundation Announces 2022 National Book Award Winners

Calling all bibliophiles who have been rooting for their favorite books to win big at this year's National Book Awards!

80 Magical Harry Potter Quotes for Wizards and Muggles Alike

These funny, touching and just plain iconic Harry Potter quotes will make you want to reread or re-watch the series

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40 Thriller Books That Will Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

The best thriller books ratchet up the suspense, add a dose of intrigue and deliver some of the greatest twists...

51 Must-Read Books for Teens (That Even Adults Adore)

Calling all YA book lovers! These must-read books for teens will stand the test of time.

How to Read the Witcher Books in Order

Monsters and murder, witches and warlocks! The Witcher Season 4 is coming, but you've still got time to devour all...

15 Best Agatha Christie Books Every Mystery Lover Must Read

We studied the clues to sleuth out the best Agatha Christie books for mystery lovers

20 Best Cozy Mysteries to Curl Up with Right Now

Settle in, amateur sleuths! These heartwarming cozy mysteries will keep you guessing until the very last page.

Kobo Libra 2 Review: I’m an E-Reader Convert Thanks to This Convenient Device

The Kobo Libra 2 completely changed my mind about e-readers. Here's why I don't go anywhere without it.

20 Romance Book Series That Will Make You Swoon

Fall into worlds where love is a given with these swoon-worthy romance book series

45 Dystopian Books That’ll Change Your Worldview

Pandemics, climate change and ethical dilemmas about technology make these dystopian books feel eerily realistic

30 Inspirational Books That Will Change Your Life

Looking for that nudge in the right direction? These inspirational books will guide you on the path toward a fuller,...

60 Best Romance Novels You’ll Read in Your Lifetime

Want to get your heart racing? Give one of these unputdownable romance novels a read.

30 BookTok Books That Are Actually Worth the Hype

TikTok's book-loving community has no shortage of reading recommendations. But which BookTok books are worth it? We've got the answers.

These Books Won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

In a shocking turn of events, the Pulitzer Prize was awarded to two novelists this year.

Amazon Kindle Review: I Tried the Kindle Paperwhite and It Changed How I Read Forever

Our Senior Shopping Editor doubled the number of books she reads in a year thanks to the Kindle Paperwhite.

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100 of the Best Books of All Time

If you want to fill your shelves with the best books of all time, you're in the right place.

10 Mystery Book Series That Keep Amateur Detectives Guessing

Why stop with just one standalone whodunnit? Follow beloved detectives and their crime-solving adventures through these favorite mystery book series.

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25 Greek Mythology Books and Retellings That’ll Take You Back in Time

From graphic novels to historical fiction to teen reads and more, these Greek mythology books appeal to a range of...

49 Best Fiction Books of 2024

No matter what you love to read—gritty suspense novels, lighthearted rom-coms or thoughtful literary fiction—you'll find a favorite among the...

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16 Best Fantasy Romance Books That Will Get Your Heart Racing

Get ready to be seduced and swept away to magical lands by these fantasy romance books

10 Must-Read Magical Realism Books for a Touch of Enchantment

Escape into fantastical realities through these standout magical realism books

8 Places to Download Great Books for Free on Kindle

Being a bookworm doesn't have to break the bank. Here are the best places to download free books for your...

21 Best Books for Men, According to Guys Who Love Reading

We tapped authors and other bookish dudes for recommendations on the books for men every guy needs to read