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We’ve got you covered on the best books and must-reads to fill your bookshelves, including summaries and guides on classices you should have read and books that are simply un-put-downable.

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40 of the All-Time Greatest Book-to-Movie Adaptions

Nothing beats a great book—not even great movies based on books. Get your fill of both with the top books...

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40 Best Fantasy Books Readers Can’t Put Down

Looking for the best fantasy books ever written? You're in the right place. These novels will immerse you in magical,...

23 Feminist Books Every Woman—and Man—Should Read

Whether for education or inspiration, feminist books that celebrate women's rights deserve a spot on your must-read list.

35 LGBTQ Books Everyone Should Read, Chosen by Queer Authors

We asked 16 queer authors to share the best LGBTQ books they've ever read. Here are their top picks.

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35 Best Mystery Books for Amateur Sleuths to Read Right Now

Calling all amateur detectives! These mystery books will keep you hooked until the last page.

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51 Best Beach Reads for a Relaxing Summer 2024

Summer is practically built on great beach reads. So sit back, grab your sunglasses and relax with a good book.

30 Best Short Books You’ll Ever Read

No time for War and Peace? These short books are perfect for busy readers.

The 20 Best Nonfiction Books for Kids They Won’t Want to Put Down

Foster children's love of learning with these engaging books about real-life people and topics.

20 Best Adult Coloring Books for When You Need to Relax and Unwind

Turn off the TV, stop scrolling through social media, and spend your newly found free time reliving a blissful childhood...

47 Vampire Books to Take a Bite Out Of

From terrifying night stalkers to dangerously alluring creatures of the dark, there's a bloodsucker for every reader in these vampire...

34 Best Coffee Table Books Anyone Would Love to Own

Whatever your interests are, we've found the best coffee table books for you to gift yourself or a loved one.

25 Best Autobiographies of All Time

Launch yourself into someone else's life story with these brilliant autobiographies

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27 Best Poetry Books of All Time

Find yourself moved and inspired by the best poetry books, from classics to modern masterpieces

The 36 Best Books by Hispanic Authors You’ll Want to Read Right Now

From memoirs to Gothic horror novels, YA fiction to essay collections, these books by Hispanic authors feature fresh perspectives and...

The 35 Most Iconic Short Stories of All Time

The best short stories are indisputable proof that good things come in small packages! These powerful tales will stay with...

The Best Books to Give As Graduation Gifts

We'll always love Oh, the Places You'll Go, but these thoughtful, inspiring graduation gifts will be read and reread, long...

20 Best Places to Get Free Audiobooks Online

It's never been easier to find free audiobooks. Thanks to these sites, you can download thousands of new and classic...

The 30 New Books We Can’t Wait to Read in 2024

From memoirs to mysteries, these titles deserve a spot on your list of new books to read this year

20 Places Where You Can Read Books Online for Free

Reading just got even cheaper with these sites stacked with free books you can read online

41 Memoirs Everyone Should Read

These compelling memoirs are guaranteed to broaden your horizons and make you see the world a little differently

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55 Books by Black Authors That Deserve a Spot on Your Bookshelf

On the hunt for standout books by Black authors? These engaging and powerful stories will stay with you long after...

50 of the Best Book Quotes from Our Favorite Books

Reading does more than inform—it inspires. These insightful book quotes from beloved authors can give you a boost when you...

70 of the Funniest Books of All Time

Get ready to wake up the person sleeping next to you. Here are dozens of funny books guaranteed to make...

10 Books That Predicted the Future

It's almost as if these authors had a crystal ball to peer into...

The Most Borrowed Books in the History of the New York Public Library

There are a few classics and some surprises among the most checked out books in the storied library's 125-year history.

36 Best Audiobooks to Listen to in Every Genre

For the perfect companion, turn to our list of the best audiobooks

13 Beloved Books That Didn’t Age Well

Maybe it's time to trade in a few beloved classics for fresh takes on relationships, coming-of-age stories, and children's literature.

25 Bestselling Books of the Decade

See if you remember or have read these familiar titles from the last decade.

The Most Popular Book the Year You Were Born

So many books, so little time—find your birth year's bestselling title based on Publishers Weekly's list for a suggestion of...