Calling all book lovers! From books for kids to books for adults (and everything in between), we’ve got all the inspiration you need when the time is right to start a new novel–or finishing the one that’s been sitting on your shelf.

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    8 Presidents Caught in Rare Candid Pictures

    In these excerpted quotes from his book, Presidential Picture Stories, veteran photojournalist Dennis Brack chronicles the lighter—and darker—moments of photographing...

    The World’s Greatest Novel Reads Surprisingly Well in Emoji

    We condensed the 635-page epic that is Moby Dick into a pretty funny, fairly tight emoji story. Yes, Melville is...

    6 Great Books to Read (That You Might Have Missed)

    You know about the season's blockbusters, but if you want something different and exceptional, take a closer look at these...

    The Best Art Books to Give as Gifts

    Socks and underwear may come and go, but these beautiful art books will be enjoyed for years to come.

    What Are You Thankful For? 7 Creative Answers

    What makes you grateful? Anne O. Kubitsky started the Look for the Good Project by asking people for postcards with...

    Amazing LEGO Art

    A stunning new book proves the versatile LEGO blocks aren't just kids' stuff. Here, five artists let their imaginations run...

    RD Interview: Malcolm Gladwell Explains the Truth About Underdogs

    Malcolm Gladwell casts doubt on the cult of the powerful, asserting that David can still beat Goliath.

    8 Irresistible Fall Books We’re Reading Right Now

    Here's the short list of the titles that will keep Reader's Digest books editor Dawn Raffel turning pages.

    Small Business Advice from the Honest Tea CEO

    Seth Goldman, the CEO of Honest Tea, shares four lessons learned on his way to brewing up a big success.

    Benefits of Reading: Getting Smart, Thin, Healthy, Happy

    A love of reading can protect your brain from Alzheimer’s disease, slash stress levels, encourage positive thinking, and fortify friendships....

    The Museum at Ground Zero: A Sneak Peek

    Get up close to a few of the special items that will be on display when the National September 11...

    And the Funny Book Titles of the Year Are…

    Ever since Bookseller magazine praised the book "Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Nude Mice" in 1978, its Diagram...

    The Most Comforting Roald Dahl Quotes

    Roald Dahl's classic tales of acceptance are the stuff of childhood, but sometimes grown-ups need to be reminded of why...

    The Reader’s Digest Version: New Books to Read Right Now

    If you are looking for a good book, consider these beautifully written, emotionally transporting new titles.

    6 Famous Writers Who Were Masters at Procrastinating

    The creative process is rarely standard. In her book Odd Type Writers, Celia Blue Johnson reveals the truly strange habits...

    Animal Skulls Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

    It's easy to recognize a human head beneath its flesh, but some of these animal skulls might surprise you.

    Reader’s Digest Picks the Best Summer Reading for 2013

    From serious literature to serious fun, our books editor Dawn Raffel selects the summer's hottest page-turners.

    Funny: How These Famous Shakespeare Quotes Would Be Written Today

    Quothable Quoths: You speak an infinite deal of nothing. Like, really.

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    Oh, the Tweets He Would Tweet: If Dr. Seuss Had the Internets

    If the Doctor were still around, we suspect he'd be spending his day like any one of us would: through...

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    5 Great Reads To Take You Inside the Inauguration

    While second presidential inaugurations tend to lack the fireworks of the first—it will be hard to top Aretha’s hat, as

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    The Big Idea: Clone Ancient Trees to Save Planet Earth

    David Milarch is a pioneering spirit who believes that cloning huge ancient trees—such as the remaining Giant Sequoias in California—

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    New Book Reveals Hidden Side of Bram Stoker

    Bram Stoker is a legend thanks to his most famous work, Dracula, but there’s more to the author than you

    It’s a Wonderful @#$%^& Life!

    My family’s favorite Christmas tradition is the annual Driving of the Father Crazy by Watching the Same Movies Over and...

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    The Best New Gift-Shopping Site

    I’ve never been one for online shopping. I prefer tactile gift-buying, going through rows of trinkets with my hands or

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    13 Vintage Presidential Campaign Posters That Will Take You Back

    In its new book, the Library of Congress celebrates the past two hundred years of presidential campaign poster art.

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    Nate Berkus on the Things That Matter

    The loss of his partner in the devastating 2004 tsunami underscored for Nate Berkus a guiding principle of his design...

    7 Websites For Book Lovers

    Avid readers will love these sites.