Calling all book lovers! From books for kids to books for adults (and everything in between), we’ve got all the inspiration you need when the time is right to start a new novel–or finishing the one that’s been sitting on your shelf.

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    These Harry Potter–Inspired Frappuccinos Look JUST Like Your Hogwarts House

    What's your Hogwarts house? Starbucks has the perfect Harry Potter–inspired Frappuccino for you!

    8 Children’s Nursery Rhymes That Are Actually Racist

    Can a catchy little rhyme really be that problematic? Yes—and it’s one way racism was inextricably woven into American life....

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    25 Spooky, Silly Halloween Books for Kids

    Boo! Read these adorable books with your kiddos to get the whole family in the Halloween spirit.

    Start Counting Down: All Creatures Great and Small Is Coming Back to TV in 2021

    Get ready to be transported to England to meet some new four-legged friends.

    20 of the Best Books Written by Female Authors

    When it comes to female-authored novels that inspire, encourage, and entertain, consider this collection the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

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    37 Funniest Books of All Time

    Get ready to annoy the people sitting close by and wake up whoever's sleeping next to you. Here are the...

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    The Best Audiobooks for Your Next Family Road Trip

    Audiobooks are perfect for passing the time on long car rides. These terrific selections will keep a wide range of...

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    16 Surprising Facts About the U.S. Post Office

    For starters, did you know that the postmaster general earns more than the vice president.

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    You Can Listen to Daniel Radcliffe Read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone—for FREE

    Celebrities are reading the first book of the Harry Potter series. Here's how you can listen along.

    10 Books That Predicted the Future

    It's almost as if these authors had a crystal ball to peer into...

    These Colorful Pies Look Just Like Your Favorite Book Cover

    This book-loving baker is creating gorgeous pies inspired by her favorite books.

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    15 Punniest Book Titles That’ll Give You a Good Laugh

    If you're looking for a bit of comedic relief, here are a few titles that may make you laugh out...

    100 Children’s Books Everyone Should Read in Their Lifetime

    Blossom a love for books and reading early in your child's or grandchild's life, and they'll reap the rewards for...

    33 Middle School Vocabulary Words Adults Still Get Wrong

    Think you have a strong vocabulary? See how many of these common 8th grade reading words you can recognize when...

    65 Best Summer Reads of All Time

    Settle in for beach reads to suit your every mood and guaranteed to take you to other worlds. These amazing...

    Why Are Books Published in Hardcover First?

    Paperbacks are cheaper to produce and buy than hardcover books. So why do you have to wait so long to...

    12 Black-Owned Bookstores to Buy from Today—And Every Day

    Looking to read up on Black history, culture, and racial injustice? Show your support by buying from these Black-owned bookstores.

    13 Books to Read to Your Kids About Race

    Children are always learning, and it's important to have homes and libraries filled with books that talk about the world...

    14 Times Librarians Had the Best Sense of Humor

    Check out these funny signs that prove that even book people, like librarians, can have the best sense of humor.

    What Libraries (and Bookstores) Will Look Like When They Reopen

    Counting the days until you can browse the book aisles again? Here's all the information you need.

    15 Essential Books for Understanding Race Relations in America

    Think you understand racism in America? Think again. The topic is much more complex than you likely realize.

    23 of the Most Beautiful Gardens in America

    Need a breath of fresh air? From cherry blossoms and azaleas to cacti and rock art, these stunning gardens around...

    11 Crazy Overdue Library Books That Were Finally Returned

    You'll never feel bad about returning a book a few days late again.

    The Most Bizarre Things Librarians Have Found in Returned Books

    Is there anything that can't or won't be used to mark someone's place in a library book? According to one...

    The Most Borrowed Books in the History of the New York Public Library

    There are a few classics and some surprises among the most checked out books in the storied library's 125-year history.

    The Most Impressive Library in Every State

    All of these libraries boast unique architectural achievements and grand collections.