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Calling all book lovers! From books for kids to books for adults (and everything in between), we’ve got all the inspiration you need when the time is right to start a new novel–or finishing the one that’s been sitting on your shelf.

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6 Extraordinary Animals Rarely Seen by Human Eyes

No ordinary night crawlers, these strange animals are seldom seen in the wild. Here's your chance to get up close.

The Special Joy of Reading Children’s Books Through Grown-up Eyes

"I was surprised by just how aggressive some of Dr. Seuss’s stories are."

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11 Unforgettable Pieces of Life Advice (In Just 6 Words Each)

Let these quick hits of wisdom help you guide your life.

Common British Slang You Didn’t Realize You Knew

A new book offers a quintessential guide to classic, common British phrases—including their quirky history and definition.

15 Brilliant Ways to Repurpose a Pile of Old Books

If you've got shelves or boxes of old books hanging around your home, don't toss them! Repurpose them into something...

7 Funny Test Answers From Kids Who Didn’t Have a Clue

Think your kids are acing school? Well, check out some of their test answers.

8 Stunning National Geographic Photos to Remind You How Wondrous Our World Is

Go on a journey around the globe—no passport needed!—via these images from a new National Geographic book drawn from its...

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12 Things Librarians Won’t Tell You (but Every Reader Needs to Know)

Avoid late fees, get the most out of your library card, and find out what's really in those book drops.

Here Is the CORRECT Way to Pronounce Dr. Seuss (and 17 Other Popular Author Names)

Most people mispronounce Dr. Seuss (hint: it doesn't rhyme with moose). Learn the correct way to say his name, plus...

The Book I Found Under Some Floorboards in My Attic Saved My Soul

One girl thought she'd hit gold. She had no idea how right she was.

10 Gratitude Journals to Help You Get More Zen

These gratitude journals will help you get in touch with the good in your life and find your happiness each...

13 Things Librarians Won’t Tell You (But Every Reader Needs to Know)

Avoid late fees, get the most out of your library card, and find out what's really in those book drops.

Book Lovers, This Never-Ending Chinese Library Is All You’ve Ever Wanted

You've heard of getting lost in a book. Now, get ready to get lost in a "river of books."

This Map Shows the Most Popular Book in Each State Right Now

Can't decide what to read next? Pick up the book your neighbors are reading.

The Most Binge-Worthy Authors of All Time

There's nothing better than a book you can't put down—except the next one in the series! Better yet, if you...

People Are Building Little Free Libraries—and They’re Popping Up Everywhere

There are more than 60,000 of these miniature book exchanges, and counting!

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The World’s 15 Most Unforgettable Royal Gardens

Versailles is just the beginning.

Wow! The Text of This Book Appears When You Try to Set It on Fire

But the book is about the merits of not burning books...

There’s a Giant 25-Foot-Tall Bookshelf in the Middle of Kansas City

What do you do when you've got a brand-new parking garage right by your public library? Make it into a...

The Japanese Created a Word for People Who Hoard Books

If you collect books for your coffee table without ever reading them, you might be guilty of tsundoku.

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Best College Ever Uses Harry Potter to Teach Philosophy

For this magical college class, grab your laptop—and an ice-cold butterbeer.

This Small-Town Restaurant Gives Away Books to Every Single Customer

At the Traveler Restaurant in Connecticut, you can be both well-fed and well-read.