Calling all book lovers! From books for kids to books for adults (and everything in between), we’ve got all the inspiration you need when the time is right to start a new novel–or finishing the one that’s been sitting on your shelf.

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    21 Everyday Phrases You’d Never Believe Were Invented By Shakespeare

    You don't have to walk around proclaiming "to be or not to be," to bring Shakespeare into everyday conversation. Here's...

    9 Weird Ways Pencils Changed the World

    Why pencils are yellow, who drank graphite-infused wine, Hemingway's pointy little secret to great writing, and more.

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    27 Classic Children’s Book Quotes Every Adult Needs To Hear

    "All grown-ups were once children... but only a few of them remember it."

    Unusual Facts About Dr. Seuss to Celebrate His Birthday

    Celebrate the great Dr. Seuss with these surprising numbers that tell the unusual tale of his remarkable life and influence.

    Editor’s Note: Fantastic First Sentences

    Editor-in-chief Liz Vaccariello recalls the best first sentences to ever run in 'Reader's Digest.'

    5 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Real-Life Spies

    Julia Child: just one secret agent among the stars.

    This Is 40: Bizarre Factoids About the Number 40 You Never Knew

    Science, religion, and literature all agree—you can always count on 40.

    Rare, Behind-the-Scenes Photos of the Beatles from ‘Help!’

    Fifty years ago, the movie Help! was released in theaters, and America and the rest of the world fell a...

    7 Outrageous Things We Just Learned About Bill Murray (And 1 Incredibly Nice One)

    'The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray' by Robert Schnakenberg (Quirk), is an encyclopedia of all that is Murray. Here...

    The Mystery and Wonder of a Marked-Up Library Book

    Author Gary Soto couldn't help but wonder, "Who was the person who'd marked up my library book?"

    Read Like an NBA All-Star: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Tells Us His 10 Favorite Books

    You know him as the NBA's all-time leading scorer, but Abdul-Jabbar, now a bestselling author and columnist, is also...

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    8 Smart Uses for Your Kitchen Sponge You Haven’t Tried

    The lowly kitchen sponge can play several important roles around the house. Here's how to use a sponge for more...

    19 Things You Never Knew About Harper Lee and ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’

    Curious about the famously mysterious author of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and the forthcoming book 'Go Set a Watchman'? Here,...

    7 Photos That Prove There’s Nothing Better Than Being a Dog on Cape Cod

    For our four-legged friends, heaven is a place called Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Just take a look at these crazy-happy canines...

    Cookbook Obsession: Martha’s American Food

    To introduce her newest cookbook of all-American recipes, Martha Stewart shares what makes a classic along with a few desserts...