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Why You Rarely Saw Princess Diana Wearing Gloves

It actually had nothing to do with fashion—the reason is much more heartwarming.

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13 Times Princess Diana’s Body Language Told the Real Story

What's the one language in which lying is virtually impossible? Body language. And that's as true for a royal as...

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Why We’re Still So Fascinated with Princess Diana

More than 20 years after Princess Diana's fatal car crash, "The People's Princess" continues to live large in our collective...

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How Princess Diana Accidentally Broke Tradition During Her First Royal Christmas

The newlywed princess didn't know about one of the royal family's longstanding traditions.

The Real Reason Prince Charles Proposed to Princess Diana (When He Wasn’t In Love)

With his true love, Camilla, married off to someone else, did Charles propose to Diana as part of a self-fulfilling...

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Here’s What Princess Diana Really Thought When She First Met Prince Charles

Despite their doomed marriage, there were butterflies in the beginning.

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13 Things Duchesses Kate and Meghan Inherited from Princess Diana

Ever the romantic at heart, the People's Princess, Diana, put a provision in her will for her sons that envisioned...

The History Behind Princess Diana and Her Tumultuous Relationship with Her Sisters

Without Lady Sarah and Lady Jane, their sister might never have become a princess.

The Surprising Day Princess Diana Called the “Worst in Her Life”

Hint: It wasn't Prince Charles' favorite day either.

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This Could Be Why Princess Diana Never Had More Children

The People's Princess was wonderful with children—so why didn't she have more of her own?

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8 Rules Princess Diana Changed for Good

She might have left the royal family when she divorced Prince Charles, but Princess Diana's legacy is stronger than ever.

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This Is What Princess Diana Could Have Lost If She Got Remarried

Her divorce settlement had a lot of sweet perks, but they may have only lasted for as long as she...

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This Is How Prince Charles Hid His Affair from Princess Diana

Diana once famously said her marriage to Charles was "crowded" due to the presence of his mistress. But many more...

The Reason Diana Thought Harry Would Make a Better King Than William

Prince William has been set to inherit the British throne from birth, but Princess Diana thought her younger son would...

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Here’s How Much Money Princess Diana Reportedly Got from Her Divorce to Prince Charles

Diana lost a lot when her time as a royal came to an end, but she did come out with...

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The Full Story Behind Princess Diana’s Iconic Haircut

From her outfits to her haircut, Princess Diana really set a precedent for style. This is the story behind her...

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12 “Facts” About Princess Diana That Just Aren’t True

Certain "Princess Diana facts" when examined more closely simply are not "facts" at all. Here, we get to the bottom...

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The Clever Way Princess Diana Kept the Tabloids from Talking About Her Haircut

When you're the most photographed woman in the world, how do you keep the cameras off you?

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The Famous Designer Princess Diana Wouldn’t Wear—Because of Camilla

A fight on her honeymoon made Diana resent one iconic label.

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The Hidden Tapes of Princess Diana That the World Might Never See

The video recordings could reveal intimate details about her life—if they're ever uncovered.

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10 Things Princess Diana Got to Keep After Her Divorce

After a seemingly fairytale romance, Princess Diana and Prince Charles divorced in 1996. The People's Princess lost a lot during...