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How Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Were Secretly Related

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were married for more than 70 years, but their relationship went much further back. In fact, they knew each other from childhood—and they were cousins.

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This Is the Only President Queen Elizabeth II Didn’t Meet with During Her Reign

Her Majesty has met 12 presidents during her reign—except for this one!

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9 Foods Queen Elizabeth II Would Never, Ever Eat

Finally, we know what isn't fit for a queen.

12 Royal Style Secrets You Didn’t Know Until Now

When fashion designer, Afa Ah Loo, was invited by Queen Elizabeth II to present his tropics-inspired fashion, he was beyond...

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Why Queen Elizabeth II Was the Last to Know She’d Become Queen

At the precise moment then-Princess Elizabeth became Queen in 1952, she was not present in Britain to literally "ascend the...

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Why Queen Elizabeth II Doesn’t Serve One of Meghan Markle’s Favorite Foods

Meghan Markle must be sad that she can't enjoy this food anymore...

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Why You Should Never Call Queen Elizabeth II by Her Name

Meeting the Queen is an amazing opportunity—just don't call her by her name!

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21 Vintage Photos (and Paintings) of Royal Dogs Throughout History

It's not just Queen Elizabeth II that adores her doggies. Throughout history, members of the British royal family have had...

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What Queen Elizabeth and Marilyn Monroe Have In Common—and 19 Other Surprising Historical Connections

Sometimes history plays funny tricks on us. Some animals we think of as prehistoric lived long enough to have their...

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Queen Elizabeth Only Wears One Nail Polish—and It’s $9 a Bottle!

You could be wearing the same color right now.