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    Kate Middleton Has an Important Message for Everyone Who Struggles with Their Mental Health

    Princess Kate has teamed up with a charity to make a difference. Watch her powerful video, where she sums up...

    This Small-Town Restaurant Gives Away Books to Every Single Customer

    At the Traveler Restaurant in Connecticut, you can be both well-fed and well-read.

    Finally! Here’s Why “Looney Tunes” Is Not “Looney TOONS”

    They're cartoons, not songs, so...what gives, Doc?

    How to Throw a Last-Minute Emmy Party

    This year's Emmy Awards are fast approaching. Here are shortcuts to hosting the most fabulous party of the year—and tune...

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    Prince Charles Just Broke a 115-Year-Old Royal Family Record

    How much good could a Prince Chuck buck if a.... he's been a Prince for a really long time.

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    What Queen Elizabeth and Marilyn Monroe Have In Common—and 19 Other Surprising Historical Connections

    Sometimes history plays funny tricks on us. Some animals we think of as prehistoric lived long enough to have their...

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    What Your Glasses Are Secretly Revealing About Your Personality

    Your glasses are one of the first things people notice about you. Do they give the impression that you're wild?...

    Tell Us Your Favorite Food, and We’ll Tell You Where You’re From

    You can change up your look, you can work on your accent. But when it comes to where you're from,...

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    The Hidden Meaning of Professor Snape’s First Words to Harry Potter

    Twenty years later and this series is still tormenting our feelings. (Beware of spoilers!)

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    This Is Why Princess Diana Always Held Her Purse Near Her Chest

    Her style secret is so clever, you should steal it on your next night out.

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    If You’re an Extrovert, Here’s How You’re Wasting Your Money

    Outgoing? Life of the party? Big spender? Yep, your personality can influence your money habits, says science.

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    This Is How the World’s Biggest Monuments Are Cleaned

    It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it; Daredevil moves and high-powered tools keep Big Ben, the Eiffel...

    10 Hidden Lessons from Our Favorite Broadway Shows

    We'll take our life lessons with some Broadway musical magic! Check out the awesome messages set to song in your...

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    12 Powerful Mother Teresa Quotes That Will Stay with You

    Find daily motivation in this curated collection of quotes from Mother Teresa that celebrates her passion to ease suffering and...

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    iPhone Users, There’s a Simple Way to Make Your Music Play Louder

    When the “maximum” volume just isn’t loud enough, give this a try.

    Robert Frost Gave Me a Piece of Advice—but He Forbid Me to Speak of It in His Lifetime

    For the great Robert Frost the best anthology of poetry was the one not written.

    What the Solar Eclipse Means for Your Horoscope

    Eclipses are moments of great change, and some signs won't be too happy about it. Here's what you need to...

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    Calling All Muggles! You Can Now Buy Harry Potter’s House

    You'll just need $1.3 million, that's all.

    The One Way Bestsellers Have Changed That You Probably Haven’t Noticed

    The language in 
today’s most popular novels is far simpler than it was just a 
few decades ago. Should we...