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    The Scientifically Accurate Version of “Finding Nemo” Would Have Been a VERY Different Movie

    Let's just say that if Disney had chosen to stick to the marine science, the film would have been pretty...

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    Two New Harry Potter Books Are Being Published, and We’re Freaking Out

    It's the 20th anniversary of the world-famous series, but that's not the only reason we're celebrating.

    7 Colorfully Retro Kitchen Appliances We All Wish Would Come Back in Style

    Color changed the look of every cook’s kitchen. Design took center stage while advertising made sure we got the message.

    These 10 Budget-Friendly Decorating Tricks Will Make Your House Look Way More Expensive

    Use these thrifty home decorating hacks to make big style statements on a small budget.

    15 of the Most Inspirational and Uplifting Nelson Mandela Quotes

    July 18 is the anniversary of the birth of Nelson Mandela, who was born in 1918 and passed away in...

    9 Literary Landmarks Every Book Lover Has to Visit This Summer

    Want to take a truly bookish tour of the U.S.? From the Emily Dickinson Museum in Amherst to the Edgar...

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    Stop Everything: Royal Family-Themed Bingo Has Arrived!

    Time to brush up on your royal trivia!

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    Movie Theaters Used to BAN Popcorn (Seriously!)—but Here’s Why We Can Buy It Now

    Thank goodness movie theater owners came to their senses.

    Who Is Nelson Mandela? A Reader’s Digest Exclusive Interview

    In 2005, Reader's Digest spoke with Nelson Mandela about his life, the strength of mind that helped him survive 27...

    Get a Look Inside the World’s First Museum Dedicated to Dr. Seuss

    "The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss" in Massachusetts, which opened on June 3, presents the beloved author's life and work...

    10 Awesome Books to Read with Fierce Female Characters

    If you've seen "Wonder Woman" and want to keep the dream alive, these 10 fantasies have heroines worthy of hand-to-hand...

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    This Is What the “Harry Potter” Cast Really Thought About Their Costumes

    PLUS: The series' costume designer reveals which actor loved their costume the most.

    OMG! Prince William Just Disobeyed Royal Protocol—and Here’s the Amazing Reason Why

    The future King of England just proved that actions speak louder than words.

    The Trailer for the Live-Action Winnie the Pooh Movie Will Give You Chills—and Make You Cry

    Winnie the Pooh fans, you may want to sit down. The newest trailer for the live-action Winnie the Pooh movie...

    Your Brain on Trust: Why We’re Hardwired to Rely On Others

    Trust: It’s cited on our currency, valued in our relationships, and vital to our faith. Trust matters, and it turns...

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    Queen Elizabeth Only Wears One Nail Polish—and It’s $9 a Bottle!

    You could be wearing the same color right now.

    13 Secrets About the Country Music Hall of Fame That Every Country Music Fan Should Know

    Happy 50th birthday, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum! Read on for an insider look at the famed organization.

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    The Royal Family Only Hires Nannies from the School That Trains in Childcare, High-Speed Car Chases&...

    Norland College graduates are ready to change diapers and kick kidnappers' butts.

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    This Is Prince Harry’s Real Name (Hint: It’s Not Actually Harry!)

    Turns out, we’ve all been calling the royal the wrong name for his entire life.

    13 of the Most Spectacular Fountains from Around the World

    Forget the Trevi Fountain in Rome. You NEED to add these incredible fountains to your bucket list of sights to...

    20 Broadway Musicals You Really Should Have Heard By Now

    Yes, Broadway shows are expensive. Luckily, you can hear all of your favorite—and soon-to-be-favorite—musicals on their cast albums. Even if...

    Bookworms May Actually Be Kinder Than The Rest of Us, Says Science

    If your idea of a lovely evening is curling up with a page-turner, it could say a lot about your...

    Wow! This Artist’s Stunning Balloon Art Will Take Your Breath Away

    Read on for a multi-colored animal kingdom you will need to see to believe.

    15 Reasons Why “Wonder Woman” Is the Movie the World Needs Right Now

    Believe the hype—this is truly a movie for the ages.