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      6 Tricks Speed Readers Use to Pick Up the Pace and Learn More

      The average reading speed is around 300 words per minute. With these tips, you can look forward to tripling that.

      How to Start a Book Club: 7 Rules for Book Clubs You’ll Want to Adopt for Yours

      Book clubs provide great opportunities for people to stretch their minds, and social circles. A well-managed book club requires more...

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      12 of the Best Movies About Friendship to Watch with Your Bestie

      These fun flicks celebrate the joys and comforts of true friendship. Grab a tub of popcorn and settle in with...

      These 12 National Geographic Photos of the World’s Greatest Landscapes Will Fill You with Wonder

      Talented photographers from 'National Geographic' traveled the world to capture photos of nature's raw beauty. What they found will stun you.

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      12 of the Best Movies About the Afterlife

      Hollywood offers a window into heavenly realms and beyond in this collection of movies about what happens when we pass...

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      11 Best Movie Happy Endings Ever

      There's nothing like a bona fide feel-good ending to lift your spirits. Get ready to cry tears of joy with...

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      What Your Alcoholic Drink of Choice Says About Your Personality

      Vodka cranberry or margarita on the rocks? Find out what your favorite drink order says about you.

      26 Thanksgiving Place Cards You’ll Want on Your Table

      Elevate your table setting with these gorgeous name tags.

      11 Ways the Most Productive People Handle Their Emails

      Even though it’s meant as a tool for productivity, email end up as nothing more than a distraction. Productivity expert...

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      7 Great Movies That Didn’t Need Their Modern Remake

      Why mess with a good thing? Check out these classic movies that didn't need any reupholstery. Keep it classic, Hollywood!

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      Apple or Android? Here’s What Your Phone Choice Can Reveal About Your Personality

      Researchers have linked certain personality traits to different smartphone users.

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      6 Classic Autumn Movies That Will Make You Feel All Cozy

      Celebrate fall by curling up with a warm blanket, a cup of warm apple cider, and these classic autumn movies...

      This Might Be the Single Best Way to Make a Long Commute Go By in a Flash

      Scientists singled out this totally free, low-effort hack: listen to a podcast.

      This Veteran’s Paintings of Fallen Soldiers Will Make Your Heart Burst With Pride

      Alex Yawor forms a unique bond with each of the servicemen and -women he paints.

      6 Parenting Lessons from Denmark, the Happiest Country in the World

      Denmark is the planet's happiest nation, and part of its secret has to do with their people’s upbringing. Here's how...

      7 Ways That Your Kid Is a Brat—And How Calm Parents Deal With It

      Even the most angelic of kids can sometimes be a brat. Here, from the book 'Your Kid's a Brat and...

      You Won’t Believe the Amazing Art this Barn Painter Creates All Over America

      This self-taught barn painter will happily decorate any structure anywhere—the bigger, the better.

      You Won’t Believe the AMAZING Art This Mom Is Making on Her iPhone

      Warning: Ali Jardine's photo art is so gorgeous you will want to live inside it.

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      10 Jokes That Prove Barack Obama Is Maybe the Funniest President Ever

      Being president of the United States requires a sense of humor. We celebrate the former Comedian-in-Chief’s birthday (on August 4)...

      The Haunting Song Patti Smith Wrote For Janis Joplin—Two Months Before Her Death

      Amidst a sea of tequila bottles and drunken musicians, Janis Joplin and Patti Smith forge an unforgettable friendship.

      7 Weird “Sports” You Won’t Believe Used to Be in the Olympics

      The original Olympics used to be a hodge-podge of weirdly wonderful events we can only hope they bring back (except...

      This Man Was Trying to Find a Poem at His Small-Town Library. How the Librarian Helped Will Blow You...

      The heartwarming ways a small-town library got by before Google and the internet.

      5 Times Paper Is Way Better Than Digital

      Here's when to skip the impulse to reach for your phone or laptop and pick up a pen instead.

      Show Your State Pride With This Cute and Easy String Wall Hanging

      Show love for your home turf with a string art wall hanging.