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    How Arts and Crafts Kept This Community Together After a Tragic Wildfire

    Tennessee’s oldest arts and crafts school survives (and thrives) after a fire tore through almost everything.

    Science Has Figured Out Why You Love the Smell of Old Books

    No, you're not weird for sticking your nose straight in the pages.

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    12 of the Most Epic Movies About Weddings

    Get set for bridal gowns, loads of roses, and all the lace and ruffle you can handle in these movies...

    10 Books to Read After Binge-Watching “Friends”

    Can't get enough of the wacky humor, Manhattan settings, and tight-knit crew? These books are for you!

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    Here’s What Happens When Bookstore Employees Get Bored

    You can't judge a book by its cover, but you can take pictures with them!

    10 Timeless Life Lessons from “Beauty and the Beast”

    Follow these lessons for a happily-ever-after tale as old as time.

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    What Your Favorite Font Says About Your Personality

    We bet we can guess your favorite font based on your sense of humor, guilty pleasures, and even your fashion...

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    11 Movies That Celebrate Our Amazing Planet for Earth Day

    Celebrate Earth Day with our must-see list of the greatest movies that showcase the majesty of our planet and the...

    The Heartwarming Reason My Dad’s Favorite Chair Will Never Leave My House

    It's not the most beautiful chair, but it represents the world to me.

    This Craftsman Has Made 145,000 Hammocks in 30 Years. Did We Mention He’s Blind?

    His company says he's never dropped a stitch in his whole career.

    12 Things Only Full-Fledged Bookworms Will Understand

    Forgetting to eat, counting down the days until the next release, having a crush on a fictional character—it's all just...

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    10 Best Presidential Movies to Watch on President’s Day

    Have the day off for President's Day? Why not celebrate with these Hollywood odes to America's presidential history, real and...

    This Couple Transformed a Silo into the Coziest Guest House

    The plan to convert the silo to a guesthouse started the day Bob bought the abandoned farm in 1998.

    10 Things You Must Consider Before Seeing a Psychic Reader

    Obviously fortune-telling is more of an art than a science. But if you're considering consulting a medium, these guidelines can...

    22 Quotes from Young-Adult Books that Adults Would Be Wise to Live By

    The best readers know to never leave young-adult books to the kids.

    8 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on Your Kindle

    Get the most out of your e-reader with these hidden tips.

    10 Creative Ways You’d Never Thought to Use a Sticky Note

    Post-its are more than just a simple office accessory. Try these creative, handy tips to give your sticky notes a...

    An Interior Designer Reveals Why You Should Stop Painting Your Ceiling White

    White ceilings are classic, but these choices can boost your room to luxurious.

    30 Best Thriller Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Alone

    Hold on to your popcorn! You're in for twists and turns with the best thriller movies ever created.

    8 Easy Ways You Can Start Reconnecting with Your Creative Side This Week

    Like any skill, creativity takes time, effort, and courage to cultivate. We've rounded up some encouraging words of wisdom from...

    You Won’t Believe These Flowers Are Actually Photos

    They look like illustrations, but these gorgeous images are the work of photographer Richard Maxted for 'Anthology of Flowers.'

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    12 of the Best Dance Movies of All Time

    Light up the disco ball! It's time to pirouette and boogie while you watch Hollywood greats that celebrate dancing.

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    10 Inspiring Books Every Teacher Needs to Read

    Whether you're a rookie looking for advice or a seasoned educator seeking inspiration, this collection of books will help you...

    Did You Know Post-It Notes Were Invented by Accident?

    The creation of a very weak adhesive led to a very useful pad of paper.

    Can Reading Fiction Actually Make You a Better Person?

    Calling all bookworms! This one's for you.

    6 Home Decorating Rules You Shouldn’t Be Following Anymore

    Who said there was a rule book for decorating? If there was, these are the rules worth breaking.