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    9 Weird Ways Pencils Changed the World

    Why pencils are yellow, who drank graphite-infused wine, Hemingway's pointy little secret to great writing, and more.

    11 Early Reading Habits That Make Young Kids Love Books

    How parents read to babies, toddlers, and preschoolers can have a huge impact on how much they love reading and...

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    27 Classic Children’s Book Quotes Every Adult Needs To Hear

    "All grown-ups were once children... but only a few of them remember it."

    Upgrade a Supermarket Bouquet: 9 Tricks to Make Cheap Flowers Look Expensive

    Procrastinated again? Here, how to quickly turn a last-minute flower gift into a beautiful arrangement.

    Unusual Facts About Dr. Seuss to Celebrate His Birthday

    Celebrate the great Dr. Seuss with these surprising numbers that tell the unusual tale of his remarkable life and influence.

    8 Seemingly Impossible Things Your Birth Month Could Predict About Your Future Health

    When you were born could play a fascinating role in everything from your risk of melanoma to food allergies, science...

    16 Little Known Facts About the Greatest Songs of All Time

    The time Queen and David Bowie had a pizza party, Robert Plant protested "Stairway to Heaven," and more.

    10 Mind-Blowing Facts About ‘The Godfather’

    On the 44th anniversary of the premiere of director Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece, we're making you an offer you can't...

    The Power of Music: How Billie Holiday Showed Me the Beauty in Hardship

    A pianist reflects on the beautiful soundtrack to her life

    Editor’s Note: Fantastic First Sentences

    Editor-in-chief Liz Vaccariello recalls the best first sentences to ever run in 'Reader's Digest.'

    10 of Life’s Toughest Questions, Answered By Top Comedians

    Sometimes answers are irrelevant: It's the question that counts. Take a moment to ponder these hilarious queries.

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    11 Joyous Walt Disney Quotes Guaranteed to Inspire You to Dream Big

    On December 5, 1901, a boy was born in Chicago who would draw a mouse that changed the world. Before...

    5 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Real-Life Spies

    Julia Child: just one secret agent among the stars.

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    7 Things Your Favorite Type of Music Can Predict About Your Personality

    Which music genre says you're more creative, and which says you're selfish? Find out here.

    This Is 40: Bizarre Factoids About the Number 40 You Never Knew

    Science, religion, and literature all agree—you can always count on 40.

    21 Mind-Blowing ‘Back to the Future’ Facts for October 21, 2015

    Today is the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown are due to show up from 1985. When they arrive, share...

    10 Quotes From People Who Demanded Respect

    From a civil rights icon to a feminist who fought for women's rights, these ten social reformers spoke out for...

    10 Quotes That Will Change the Way You Think About John Lennon

    John Lennon, who would have turned 75 in October, wasn't all peace signs and love nests. These lines reveal the...

    Rare, Behind-the-Scenes Photos of the Beatles from ‘Help!’

    Fifty years ago, the movie Help! was released in theaters, and America and the rest of the world fell a...

    12 Wise and Witty Groucho Marx Sayings That Basically Say It All

    Julius Henry (Groucho) Marx was born 125 years ago on October 2, 1890. To celebrate his birthday, here are our...

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    10 Joyous ‘Peanuts’ Quotes Guaranteed to Improve Your Day

    Charles Schulz debuted his first-ever Peanuts comic strip on October 2nd, 1950, in nine newspapers around America. 65 years and...

    7 Outrageous Things We Just Learned About Bill Murray (And 1 Incredibly Nice One)

    'The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray' by Robert Schnakenberg (Quirk), is an encyclopedia of all that is Murray. Here...

    The Mystery and Wonder of a Marked-Up Library Book

    Author Gary Soto couldn't help but wonder, "Who was the person who'd marked up my library book?"

    56 Weird and Wonderful Facts about ‘The Wizard of Oz’

    Since its release in 1939, the 'Wizard of Oz' is thought to be the most viewed film ever—and certainly one...

    Read Like an NBA All-Star: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Tells Us His 10 Favorite Books

    You know him as the NBA's all-time leading scorer, but Abdul-Jabbar, now a bestselling author and Time.com columnist, is also...

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    9 Wise Quotes From Will Rogers That Are Absolutely Worth Memorizing

    On August 15, 1935, the great humorist and truth sayer Will Rogers died in an airplane crash at the age...

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    8 Smart Uses for Your Kitchen Sponge You Haven’t Tried

    The lowly kitchen sponge can play several important roles around the house. Here's how to use a sponge for more...