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      The Reunion That Took 77 Years to Happen

      A teenaged Minka Disbrow was forced to give her newborn daughter Betty Jane up for adoption in 1929, but she...

      5 Female Photographers Working to Change the World

      Among the 60-some freelancers currently working for National Geographic magazine, about a dozen are female, but their view on the...

      9 Unusually Detailed Animal Habitats

      See how birds, oysters, snails, caterpillars, moths, and more rely on their inventive natures to create the perfect nesting place.

      My Love Story, Before Social Networks

      The tale of a man who traveled across two countries and an ocean to follow the love of his life.

      9 of the Most Unusual Surfing Locations in the World

      In photographer Chris Burkard's book Distant Shores, he captures the rarest surf spots around the world in spectacular pictures, from...

      9 Famous People You’d Never Guess Were Introverts

      Often characterized as being shy or quiet, introverts by definition concentrate on themselves, which might be harder for those who...

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      Truthiness! The 14 Best-Ever Stephen Colbert Quotes

      In 2015, Stephen Colbert will take David Letterman's late-night spot and bring his flawless wit with him.

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      18 of the Best Jobs for Introverts

      You don't need to have a big personality to make a big impact in your career—and to earn a big...

      10 Winston Churchill Quotes That Get You to the Corner Office

      Kick your way to upper management with these quotes from the fierce British leader, who was born on November 30,...

      7 Unique Bird Houses You Wish You Could Move Into

      With their unusual designs and attention to detail, these show-stopping homes are true works of art.

      Surprisingly Intimate Moments of Daily Life Around the World

      As with his well-known photo, "Afghan Girl," these pictures of strangers from photojournalist Steve McCurry also reveal a depth of...

      8 Flower Photos With Surprising Emotional Pull

      Photographer joSon captures soul and beauty in these remarkable flower photos.

      The Best Life Advice Comes From the Muppets

      It's not easy being green—but these wise words on life, love, and happiness will get you through the bad to...

      8 Words You Use That Make You Sound Weak

      Learn how to sound stronger with these secrets from an elite warrior so you can lead and succeed at work,...

      Successful Leaders Have These 5 Mantras Memorized

      Learn powerful principles to help you think like an elite warrior and lead and succeed at work, at home, and...

      The Stranger Who Changed My Life: Lady of the Library

      The elegant woman didn’t seem to belong in these stuffy old stacks. But the book she handed me transformed my...

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      Which Movies Were Better Than the Book?

      Some authors kick and scream when a director bulks up a book’s plot for the silver screen. But sometimes it...

      8 of the Most Beautiful Opera Houses in the World

      With their skillfully crafted design and architecture, these famous opera houses are among the most stunning structures you can visit.

      Quick: How Does This Picture Make You Feel?

      “Too often, when people walk into a museum, they secretly think, 
I can’t see the point of this,” says bestselling...

      The RD Interview: Anna Quindlen on Her Proudest Achievement

      The beloved author talks about midlife surprises, lifelong friendships, and her proudest achievement (it’s not her Pulitzer Prize).

      Seth MacFarlane Confesses: “I Regret I Never Got to Meet Carl Sagan”

      When I was a kid, astronomer Carl Sagan meant the sun, the moon, and the stars to me.

      8 Classic Movie Rivalries in a Single Cartoon

      Great Showdowns: The Return features iconic confrontations of cinema, as captured by illustrator Scott Campbell in his simple drawings. How...

      What Pump-Up Songs Get Olympic Athletes Going?

      Need a kick in the shorts? Team USA Winter Olympians explain how they get pumped to perform.

      7 Motivational Quotes Olympic Champions Rely On

      Before the Sochi Winter Olympics, athletes from Team USA shared their private motivational quotes and mantras with us.

      This Dad’s Sandwich-Bag Art Is Unbelievably Awesome

      In May 2008, graphic designer David Laferriere drew a chicken on his son's sandwich bag. This simple hen hatched a...

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      How to Write a TV Show: Secrets from Seinfeld

      The man who gave the world "yada, yada, yada" and "shrinkage" gives you an inside look at writing the best...