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From Royal Weddings to royal babies, we’re as obsessed with the Royal Family as you are. We’re here to help you tune into the latest news including learning about what “stepping back” from royal duties really means and sharing rarely seen photos of the Royal Family through the years.

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Does King Charles Have Two Birthdays? Here’s Why He Celebrates Twice

King Charles’s birthday is coming up—but his “official” birthday is months later. Find out the reason for his double celebration.

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The 9-year-old prince will support his grandfather in a big way during this monumental event.

The First Official Portrait of King Charles III Has Been Revealed

The artist of the portrait hoped to capture the monarch's "warmth and empathy."

King Charles’s Coronation: The Details and Traditions, Explained

King Charles’s coronation was filled with rituals that have changed little over the past thousand years … though there...

King Charles Is Reportedly Saving This Royal Title for Princess Charlotte

Rumor has it that the title was originally supposed to go to another member of the royal family.

King Charles III’s Role in Government—and 27 Things He Has the Power to Do

What does the king of England do, exactly? A lot more than you might think, considering he doesn't actually rule...