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Royal Family

From Royal Weddings to royal babies, we’re as obsessed with the Royal Family as you are. We’re here to help you tune into the latest news including learning about what “stepping back” from royal duties really means and sharing rarely seen photos of the Royal Family through the years.

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15 Facts You Never Knew About Past Royal Weddings

Learn all the slip-ups and secret messages.

14 Times Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Broke Royal Protocol

The power couple is taking the world by storm with their fairytale romance, but when it comes to their engagement,...

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These Are the Official Residences of the British Royal Family

Ever wondered where all the members of the British royal family live? Well, let's take a peek...

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8 Bizarre Superstitions of the British Royal Family

The British royal family abides by many well-known traditions—but they are also said to believe in some strange superstitions.

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12 Weirdest (and Coolest!) Gifts the Royal Family Has Ever Received

It's not all flowers and jewelry for the royals.

The Workout That Keeps Meghan Markle Looking Like Royalty

We are adding this to our fitness M-O: The Meghan Markle Workout. Find out what the future royal does to...

The Royal Family Has This One Surprisingly Frugal Travel Habit

Spoiler alert: You might see them on your next flight!

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8 Royal Family Milestones Coming Up in 2018

This will be an exciting year for royal watchers.

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The Royal Family Is Being Turned Into These Popular Toys

The royal family has garnered many honors over the years. Now they'll be made into the hyper-popular Funko vinyl figurines.

What It Takes to Travel Like Royalty, According to British Royal Family Experts

So what does it mean, exactly, to travel "royal style?" All it takes is a healthy bank account and a...

Why Meghan Markle Will Have to Curtsy to the Royals—Except in This One Case

A potential solution: just give everyone high-fives.

Kate Middleton Will Have to Follow This One Rule at Prince Harry’s Wedding

Every female member of the royal family must abide by this rule!

The One Law That the British Royal Family Can Legally Break

While no one is above the law, some have the power to bend it every once in awhile.

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Yes, Kate Middleton Did Have a Job before Royal Life—Here’s What She Did

Believe it or not, the Duchess was once just like us.

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Why Kate Middleton Wears a Wedding Ring but Prince William Doesn’t

Should we be worried that their marriage is less than blissful?

This Is How Much the British Royal Family Spent on Travel This Year

The royal family makes plenty of international trips every year. But when it comes to official business, how large is...

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Prince Harry Just Revealed the Classic Sweet He’s Never Tried Before

Apparently, it’s just not fit for a king (or prince!)

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9 Royal Ghosts That Still Haunt Britain to This Day

From Elizabeth I to Henry the VIII still hobbling about Windsor Castle, royal ghosts have been making the rounds about...

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This Is Why We Care About the Royal Family, According to Science

It's not just because Prince William kind of looks like your cousin.

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Why Princess Charlotte’s Future Kids Won’t Get Royal Titles—But Prince George’s WILL

The royal family is filled with rules, and one in particular might explain why Princess Charlotte is a princess, but...

Kate Middleton Has an Important Message for Everyone Who Struggles with Their Mental Health

Princess Kate has teamed up with a charity to make a difference. Watch her powerful video, where she sums up...