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From Royal Weddings to royal babies, we’re as obsessed with the Royal Family as you are. We’re here to help you tune into the latest news including learning about what “stepping back” from royal duties really means and sharing rarely seen photos of the Royal Family through the years.

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    Here’s What Princess Diana Really Thought When She First Met Prince Charles

    Despite their doomed marriage, there were butterflies in the beginning.

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    18 Etiquette Rules Everyone in the Royal Family Must Follow

    From the way you eat to the way you walk down a flight of stairs, here's what it takes to...

    14 Parenting Rules the Royals Have to Follow

    Even in our modern times, there are some traditions British royal parents can't escape.

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    The British Royal Family and Their Pets: Which Is Your Favorite?

    The British royal family love their dogs and horses, but they've had some unusual pets, too, (can you guess who...

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    What Queen Elizabeth Would Prefer We Not Know About Prince Charles

    As a mum, Queen Elizabeth no doubt wishes to present her children (and herself as a mother) in the best...

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    13 Things Duchesses Kate and Meghan Inherited from Princess Diana

    Ever the romantic at heart, the People's Princess, Diana, put a provision in her will for her sons that envisioned...

    The History Behind Princess Diana and Her Tumultuous Relationship with Her Sisters

    Without Lady Sarah and Lady Jane, their sister might never have become a princess.

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    The Entire Royal Family Tree, Explained in One Easy Chart

    You'll finally be able to tell who's who in the House of Windsor.

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    This Is Why Camilla Parker Bowles’s Children Are Rarely Seen in Royal Outings

    Her son and daughter both have successful careers, but they don't spend much time at royal functions.

    The Surprising Day Princess Diana Called the “Worst in Her Life”

    Hint: It wasn't Prince Charles' favorite day either.

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    18 Secrets the Royal Nanny Won’t Tell You

    It's possible she would tell you these secrets if she weren't bound by serious confidentiality documents. But it's more likely...

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    This $10 Cream Is Reportedly Meghan Markle’s Skin-Care Secret

    Just when we thought we couldn't love the Duchess of Sussex more, she shows us this royal way to look...

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    The Secret Changes to Princess Diana’s Will…Against Her Wishes

    Princess Diana endured an unhappy marriage and died young in a tragic car crash. But why did her own family...

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    The Man Who Always Travels with Queen Elizabeth II (Hint: It’s Not Prince Philip)

    Let’s just say he has his bagpipes in tow wherever they go!

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    How the Most Famous Royals Got Their Titles

    The titles used by members of the royal family may seem complicated, but they actually are supposed to simplify the...

    Why Princess Anne Doesn’t Shake Hands with the Public

    Her reasoning sticks with royal tradition.

    13 Words You Will Never Hear the Royal Family Say

    Some terms are considered too improper to be spoken by royalty. In her book Watching the English, social anthropologist Kate...

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    16 Things That Will Happen Once Queen Elizabeth II Dies

    This is one thing the British people—and royal watchers across the pond—don't want to think about. But the palace has...

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    What Does the British Royal Family Actually Do?

    If you dream about living like a prince or princess, you'd better look to Disney, because in real life the...

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    This Could Be Why Princess Diana Never Had More Children

    The People's Princess was wonderful with children—so why didn't she have more of her own?