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Zodiac Signs

What’s in the stars for your sign? Based on your zodiac sign, we can tell you about your health, career strengths, what movie you should watch next–even how to Marie Kondo your life!

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Your Guide to Zodiac Signs: Dates, Traits and What They Mean

Just how much can zodiac signs reveal about you and your loved ones? A whole lot—and we have the scoop from an astrologer. Here’s what you need to know.

These Are the Zodiac Signs of Every British Royal Family Member

The stars have a lot to say about our favorite royals! Find out Prince William’s zodiac sign, plus the signs...

These Are the Funniest Zodiac Signs, Ranked

Find out if you’re actually one of the funniest zodiac signs around

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The Best Pet for You, Based on Your Zodiac

When choosing your new BFF, find out which pet best matches your energy.

The Cat Breed Most Compatible with Your Zodiac Sign

Searching for the perfect kitty? Look to the stars to find your ideal cat breed.

Your Personal Style, According to Your Zodiac Sign

From quiet luxury to coastal cowgirl, how is personal style influenced by the cosmos? An astrologer weighs in.

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Year of the Rabbit: What the Year Has in Store for You

The Year of the Rabbit might mean hope and prosperity—as well as a few surprises. Here's when you can expect...

What April Fools’ Day Prank to Pull, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Celebrating April Fools' Day? Find out the best prank to pull based on your zodiac sign—and let the practical joking...

Your Favorite Guilty Pleasure, According to Your Zodiac Sign

From dessert menus and doomscrolling to debating reality TV, here's how your zodiac indulges in guilty pleasures

How to Be Happier, According to Your Zodiac Sign

How can you become the happiest zodiac sign? Try these smart and surprisingly simple ways to boost your bliss.


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The 12 Chinese Astrology Signs and What They Mean for You

What's your Chinese zodiac sign? The Chinese zodiac associated with your birth year reveals a lot about your personality and...

Your Favorite Snack, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Should you treat yourself to some trail mix or a smoothie bowl? An astrologer weighs in on the best snack...

What This Spring’s Solar Eclipse Means for Your Zodiac Sign

This spring boasts an exciting astrological event: a total eclipse of the sun! How will this solar eclipse...

Year of the Dragon: What 2024 Has in Store for You

In the Year of the Dragon, a little boldness will go a long way—especially if you time it right. Find...

What Is Your Life Path Number—and What It Means for You

Looking for cosmic guidance? Your life path number may just hold the key to your destiny.

What Is Your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign—and What Do They Mean?

Have you discovered your sun, moon and rising signs? Get ready to dive into a fascinating astrological rabbit hole.

The Best Podcasts for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you're a gabfest Gemini or a deep-diving Scorpio, turn to the zodiac for your next podcast obsession

The One Dessert You Absolutely Need to Try, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Try it—it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll like it!

What Is a Supermoon—and When Can You See It in 2024?

Four supermoons make an appearance this year, bringing a whirlwind of cosmic change with them

What the Super Rare 2023 Blue Moon Means for Your Zodiac Sign

We won't see another blue supermoon until August 2032. Tap into your zodiac sign to make the most of this...

What Are Your Birth Flowers, and What Could They Reveal About Your Personality?

Whichever month you were born, there are birth flowers that have symbolism for you. Find out what your special blossoms...

What Is Your Zodiac Birthstone, and What Does It Reveal About You?

Didn't know there was such a thing as zodiac birthstones? Pay attention, because they just may have the power to...

The Best Summer Bucket-List Item for You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

With the stars guiding your bucket-list activities, you're bound to have your best summer ever

Your Favorite Summer Cocktail, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Before you place your order, find out which drink suits you best astrologically. Trust us: It will be your new...

Your Summer Romance Forecast, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Just how hot will your love life get this summer? Here's what astrologers say is in store for you—and...

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This Is What Your Zodiac Element Says About You

Are you fiery fire, grounded earth, flighty air or deep water? Discover the zodiac elements and what yours means for...

What Is Your Venus Sign—and What Does It Mean for Your Love Life?

Your Venus sign could be the key to finding that special someone

What Are Sister Signs in Astrology—and How Do You Find Yours?

Looking for that storybook-romance kind of love or a truly amazing friendship? Pairing up with your astrological sister sign could...

What Angel Numbers Mean—and Why You See Them Everywhere

Do certain numbers keep showing up in your life? Here's how to interpret angel numbers and the significance behind them.

The Best 4th of July Celebration for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

What’s the best way to ring in America's birthday this year? The answer lies with your zodiac sign.

The Perfect Mother’s Day Celebration, Based on Your Mom’s Zodiac Sign

These Mother's Day celebrations are written in the stars