Zodiac Signs

What’s in the stars for your sign? Based on your zodiac sign, we can tell you about your health, career strengths, what movie you should watch next–even how to Marie Kondo your life!

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    This Is the Kind of Parent You’ll Be, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

    The way you handle your kids depends on your birth date. Learn how to maximize the strengths and minimize the...

    The Best Tattoo Styles for Your Zodiac Sign

    Are you new school or a realist? Dotwork or fine-line? Neo-traditional or trash polka? Your zodiac sign knows the answer.

    This Is Your Ideal Vacation, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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    What 2018 Has in Store for You, Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

    Will the year of the Earth Dog be your year to shine? Or does it spell disaster?

    How to Lose Weight, According to Your Zodiac Sign

    If you wish a fairy godmother would descend from the sky and tell you the secret to losing weight, this...

    This Is the Most Intelligent Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologists

    It’s not always measured according to your IQ.

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    Your Zodiac Sign May Actually Predict Romantic Compatibility—Here’s How

    Yes, it’s true! A professional astrologer says so.

    What the Solar Eclipse Means for Your Horoscope

    Eclipses are moments of great change, and some signs won't be too happy about it. Here's what you need to...

    Your Astrological Sign Probably Just Changed: Should You Care?

    The Internet is freaking out over NASA's announcement about shifting star signs. We got an astrologer to explain how much...

    8 Seemingly Impossible Things Your Birth Month Could Predict About Your Future Health

    When you were born could play a fascinating role in everything from your risk of melanoma to food allergies, science...