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9 Back to School Lunch Recipes

Bacon Salad SandwichIf your kids like spinach salad, they'll love this scrumptious sandwich! If preferred, leave bread untoasted. Serve with a glass of juice or milk.Get the recipe Beefy Roll-UpThis is a great way to use leftover roast beef. A little corn relish adds a touch of sweetness. Dip in mustard or barbecue sauce.Get the recipeCrunchy Ham PocketsCrunchy pickles, vegetables, ham and a cool dill dressing fill pita pockets perfectly!Get the recipe Creamy Chicken WrapTry a variety of cream cheese flavors for a new taste sensation every time!Get the recipe Speckled SpiralsThese tasty rolls will remind you of quesadillas. Kids will like these hot or cold.Get the recipe Salami Cheese SubThis sub will rise to the top of your children's list of favorite lunches! Try with other cold cuts for variety.Get the recipe Salmon CroissantRich salmon filling on a delicate croissant. Delicious with a salad or fresh fruit.Get the recipe Wrap N' RollFor those who love Tex-Mex flavors, these are good to have on hand in the freezer for the days you need lunch in a hurry. Be sure to try the tasty variations, too. Send small containers of salsa and sour cream for dipping.Get the recipe Turkey and Cuke SandwichCranberry sauce adds sweetness and cucumbers add crunch to this hearty sandwich. To take to school, pack cucumbers separately and add just before eating.Get the recipe