A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

Karl Detzer

Karl William Detzer had a long career as an investigative journalist that started at the age of 16, when he was hired as a reporter- photographer for the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette. He went on to work for newspapers in the Chicago area, where it became his habit to ride out on calls with the Michigan State Police. Seven of his stories based on these experiences were published in the Saturday Evening Post, came to national fame, and were eventually turned into a movie, Car 99, starring Fred MacMurray. In 1938, DeWitt Wallace hired him as a roving reporter for Reader’s Digest.
World War II, American war propaganda with caricature of Josef Goebbels (top), and Adolf Hitler (bottom) whispering into the ears of the Americans and the British, text reads: Hitler wants us to believe... followed by 17 statements and Americans will not be fooled!, poster, circa early to mid 1940s.

How America Countered “Fake News” in the 1940s Hitler Era

The Manitowoc Plan countered "disinformation" with the facts, exciting and educating young voters at the local level.