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The Lolcat’s Meow

Next month, the Internet phenomena of adorable cats doing painfully cute things—like fitting themselves into way-too-tiny boxes and creeping up on you ninja style—will pounce on the real world. The Walker Art Center of Minneapolis, Minnesota, will host the first ever Internet Cat Video Film Festival. Cat ladies, video trolls, and even open-minded dog owners are invited to experience the once-solo enterprise of lol’ing till you cry at a cat playing the keys as a community event. I for one am sad that geography will keep me from joining what I’m sure will be an enthusiastic and hilarious group of Internet and feline aficionados. I do hope that anyone who is able to attend will so that the success of the night can lead to other film festivals across the country. Imagine the possibilities! If the cats catch on, then what’s next? Improbable Animal Friendship Fest? Rambunctious Toddler Fest? Unicorns Are Real Fest! The Internet is truly coming to life, maybe at a theater near you. Image © Thinkstock