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4 Champagne Cocktails and 4 Appetizer Recipes for Your Party

This cocktail is very easy to make but looks stunning in the hands of your guests. The bubbles in the sparkling wine make the pomegranate seeds rise and fall on the glass, giving this drink the appearance of a retro lava lamp. A flute with a follow stem shows off the effect best. Get the Lava Lamp Cocktail recipeThese mini lamb burgers are dressed up for a cocktail party. The richness of these flavorful burgers is balanced by fresh mint and feta cheese, making them the perfect mid-winter snack. Get the Mini Lamb Burgers With Feta and Mint recipeThis potent cognac and orange libation makes a sharp statement, just like a pair of Manolo Blahniks. Get the The Stiletto Cocktail recipeYou’ll find this savory popcorn perfect with any dry sparkling wine. The 5-spice popcorn variation is a better fit for a sweeter dry or demi sec style wine such as Schramsberg Cremant or your favorite Moscato d’Asti. Get the Posh Popcorn recipeCreated at Buck's Club in London in 1921, this sweet and tangy drink is one of the most frequently sipped champagne cocktails in the world. The grenadine settles at the bottom of the glass, creating a layered, sunset effect. If you omit the grenadine, the drink becomes a Mimosa, named for the bright golden flowers on the mimosa tree.Get the Buck's Fizz recipeThese buttery cheddar biscuits are irresistible with sparkling wine or any wine. They are a good stand-in for croutons and quite addictive on their own. Keep logs of this dough in the freezer to whip these up on short notice.Get the Cheddar Cheese Coins recipeWith its combination of cognac, apricot brandy and raspberry eau de vie (known as framboise), this festive punch hits the perfect balance between sweet, tart and potent. Get the Holiday Punch recipeInspired by a punch from Trinidad, this frozen granita is the perfect dessert to end your meal on a light note. Get the Spiced Hibiscus Granita recipe