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Work Stress SOS: Your Heart Health

Many of my heart surgery patients have told me that work stress had a role in their illness. How to cope: [step-list-wrapper title="" time=""] [step-item number="1. " image_url="" title="Don't Stew" ]Instead, take it out on a small ball you keep in your desk. Squeeze it, throw it in the air, or even take it outside and bounce, throw and catch it until you feel better.[/step-item] [step-item number="2. " image_url="" title="Mini Massage" ]Take your shoes off and rub your feet, bending your toes, ankles and arches to ease tension. Or massage your hands, focusing on the highly sensitive tips of your fingers.[/step-item] [step-item number="3. " image_url="" title="Seek Peace" ]Take time to regain perspective, whether you close your door or go to your car for a few minutes.[/step-item] [step-item number="4. " image_url="" title="Find Joy" ]Put flowers at your desk or get a small fountain to create the soothing sound of running water.[/step-item]