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Madi Koetting

Madi Koetting

location-pin Denver, Colorado

School: Drake University, bachelor's degree in magazine media journalism

Expertise: product testing, cleaning & organization, home decor, beer, wine & cocktails

Madi Koetting

  • Pioneer of Reader's Digest's social media shopping team. As a shopping editor focusing on social video, Madi oversees the social commerce strategy and films product reviews for the brand's social channel. Her work can be seen across lifestyle brands including Reader's Digest, Taste of Home and Family Handyman.
  • Founding member of the Reader's Digest shopping team. To date, Madi has reviewed 100s of products in the home space, including vacuums, mattresses, beauty and fashion products, "internet-made-me-buy-it" finds and cleaning gear.
  • Contributing writer for The Everygirl and Stylecaster
  • Over 5 years of experience writing and editing for publications, including two years on the Reader's Digest shopping team reviewing products and optimizing content.
  • Former roles include: product reviews editor, home; associate shopping editor, Reader's Digest; editorial assistant, YPulse; social media specialist, Cosmos Corporation; and editorial apprentice, Better Homes & Gardens


Madi Keotting is a shopping editor for Reader's Digest and is an expert at curating the internet’s best cleaning gadgets, organizing gear and home buys. She’s constantly testing products for "best" lists, I Tried It reviews and gift guides. If there’s a viral product taking the internet by storm, you can count on Madi to give an honest review. Madi's love for magazine journalism began at Drake University, where she served as Editor-in-Chief of her school's Pacemaker-award winning magazine, Drake Mag. Since 2017, Madi's home expertise has appeared in Better Homes & Gardens, Taste of Home, Reader’s Digest, The Family Handyman and Birds and Blooms. Madi is also a contributing writer for The Everygirl and Stylecaster, covering relationship, fashion and beauty topics. When she’s not decorating her apartment, you can find her reviewing her favorite home and kitchen finds on Reader's Digest's Instagram.


Drake University, bachelor's degree in journalism, magazine media and public relations


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