A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

Clare Holden

School: Griffith College Dublin

Expertise: beauty & fashion

Clare Holden

  • 15 years of editorial experience writing for InStyle, MindBodyGreen, Byrdie, SCMP and more
  • Diploma in Makeup Artistry, LA Academy of Creative Arts
  • Higher Certificate in Fashion Design, LCI Barcelona
  • Certificate in Fashion Business, Central St. Martins London
  • 2022 Future Maker Award recipient


Clare is a beauty, skin-care, fashion and interiors writer. After graduating with a degree in journalism, she trained and worked as a makeup artist in London before going back to study fashion design. Clare now balances freelance writing with consulting for fashion and beauty companies and running her own artisan brand, White Night. She is passionate about finding the highest quality products on the market, whether she is researching cosmetics ingredients and testing out beauty products or checking the seams and fabrics used in clothing.


Griffith College Dublin BA, Communication, Journalism and Related Programs


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