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Do you live in the Nicest Place in America?

I am an aspiring journalist/storyteller and self-professed fashion enthusiast originating from the Midwest with a passion for the East Coast. As a student at the University of Illinois with a Bachelors in News-Editorial Journalism, I have perfected my writing, editing, and document design skills throughout professional writing courses. I am highly experienced in editing various marketing materials, event planning, social media, website management and copy writing. My published works include articles in InStyle Magazine, CollegeFashionista, Her Campus, The Fashion Network, and Spread Magazine.

While other kids lived out their childhoods through porcelain dolls and blipping game cubes, I found comfort hiding behind a computer monitor and submerging myself into a blinking cursor on Microsoft Word. Stepping out of this reclusive shell took just one elegant dress, a classy pair of heels and a swab of lipstick. Although writing is my mantra, fashion became my voice. It lets me articulate who I am when words often cannot, and lets me convey my persona without uttering one sentence. With this, I hope to expand the scope of my fashion footprint within the magazine industry.