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Camille Berry

Camille Berry


Camille Berry is a food and drinks writer who divides her time between her native San Francisco and the U.K. Her work has appeared on Wine Folly, Vinepair and The Back Label, in Spirited Virginia Magazine and many other websites and publications.

Part of the third generation in a family of restaurateurs, Camille was practically born with a passion for cooking and food. She embarked on a career in hospitality, where she excelled as a sommelier and wine director at several of San Francisco's most well-loved restaurants. This hospitality experience has endowed her with a wealth of firsthand knowledge of various cuisines, how to pair all manner of drinks with food, and entertaining—plus some serious kitchen skills. She is both a Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers and a Certified Wine Specialist through the Society of Wine Educators.


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