Carrie Bell

Carrie Bell is a Los Angeles-based writer who has been covering travel, entertainment, food, and other culture/lifestyle topics for nearly two decades. Her work has appeared in Reader’s Digest, People, Yahoo, Cosmopolitan, Fodor’s, and Bridal Guide and she is Southern California specialist for TripSavvy. She earned a BA in journalism at Humboldt State University in only three years and co-authored The Bathtub Reader: An Amusing Miscellany for the Discerning Mademoiselle.
"Rebellions are built on hope." —Jyn, Rogue One Tout icon

73 Most Iconic “Star Wars” Quotes True Fans Must Know

The galaxy far, far away is filled with words of wisdom and wit from Jedi masters, rakish scoundrels, cosmic royalty, rebel leaders, dorky droids, and more. Read on for our favorite Star Wars quotes from the movies and TV series.
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