Dianne Bright is a southern California-based writer and a regular contributor with RD.com, where she writes about the environment, nutrition, finance, pets, and books. She also contributes to TheHealthy.com. Her work has appeared in Scholastic's Parent & Child magazine and blog, I Love Cats magazine, and Christianity Today, among other publications. Bright's book of parenting reflections: MOMS KICK BUTT, comes out in February, 2021. Her M.A. is in Spanish American Literature. Follow Dianne on Twitter @dibright, Facebook @AuthorDianneBright, and Instagram @authordiannebright.
Disposing of a used mask in the trash By leaving unhygienic There may be a spread of harmful germs and viruses. Healthcare concepts Tout icon

How to Dispose of Face Masks and Gloves—Properly

Coronavirus has made us more cautious than ever—but are we wearing masks and gloves at the detriment of the environment?