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3 Ways to Deal With Anger

The three best ways to cope with your anger (and avoid the defibrillator): 1. Recognize that anger is universal. We're stuck with it, and making sure it doesn't hurt you means understanding when to express it—and when to let it go. It's having only one way to react—always or never—that can make anger a problem. 2. Ask yourself if whatever made you angry is important. Is what you're thinking and feeling appropriate to the objective facts of the situation? Can you modify this situation? Is it worth taking action? 3. Talk yourself down: a) Yell "Stop!" to yourself (silently) when you start replaying an offense; b) distract yourself (surf travel sites for dream vacations); c) breathe in, clench your fist, breathe out, release fist … --Anger-management consultant Virginia Williams, PhD, coauthor with her husband, Redford Williams, MD, of Anger Kills