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The 12 Commandments of Wealth

[step-list-wrapper title="" time=""] [step-item number="1." image_url="" title="Seek money for money's sake and ye shall not find." ] [/step-item] [step-item number="2." image_url="" title="Find your perfect pitch. (Know your strengths and weaknesses.)" ] [/step-item] [step-item number="3." image_url="" title="Be your own boss." ] [/step-item] [step-item number="4." image_url="" title="Get addicted to ambition." ] [/step-item] [step-item number="5." image_url="" title="Wake up early. Be early." ] [/step-item] [step-item number="6." image_url="" title="Don't set goals—execute or get executed." ] [/step-item] [step-item number="7." image_url="" title="Fail so you can succeed." ] [/step-item] [step-item number="8." image_url="" title="Location doesn't matter. Success can take place anywhere." ] [/step-item] [step-item number="9." image_url="" title="Moor yourself to morals." ] [/step-item] [step-item number="10." image_url="" title="Say yes to sales." ] [/step-item] [step-item number="11." image_url="" title="Borrow from the best—and the worst." ] [/step-item] [step-item number="12." image_url="" title="Never retire." ] [/step-item] —Adapted from The Richest Man in Town by W. Randall Jones (Grand Central, $25.99) [/step-list-wrapper]