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26 Ways to Use Cotton Balls That Have Nothing to Do with Nail Polish

You can use them for way more than taking off nail polish.

22 Brilliant Uses for Q-Tips That’ll Come in Handy

You know you’re not supposed to use cotton swabs to clean inside your ears (right?), so here are more uses...

The Bra Color That Won’t Show Under White Shirts (It’s Not Nude!)

Nude isn't the only color of bras that don't show under white shirts. Be prepared to have your mind blown...

9 Unexpected Ways Orange Peels Are Way More Useful Than You Think

The fresh scent and essential oils in oranges make orange peels an excellent natural cleaner and air freshener.

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16 Genius Uses for Baby Wipes You Never Thought to Try

Forget wiping baby bums! Create scent sachets, clean your pet, craft a travel jewelry box, and more.

20 Genius Uses for Cornstarch You’ll Wish You Already Knew

If you only use cornstarch as an occasional cooking staple, you're missing out big time.

13 Surprising Coconut Oil Uses for Beautiful Hair, Skin, and More

Coconut oil: It's not just for cooking anymore.

14 Easy Nail Art Designs That Even the Worst Artists Can Handle

Get professional results at home, even with your nondominant hand.

8 Lip Balm Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew All Along

Here's how the least expensive product in your beauty bag could actually be the biggest lifesaver, going way beyond just...

The All-Time Best Mascara Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Always Known

No matter how many times you've read a beauty article about the best way to get long, thick, enviable lashes,...

We Bet You Didn’t Know You Should Be Using Baby Powder for Your Garden—Here’s Why

It's not just for babies anymore! From keeping bugs away to helping gloves come off more easily, this is why...

8 Household Products that Are Natural Makeup Removers

Traditional wipes and makeup removers may contain harsh ingredients that can strip skin of the natural oils it needs to...

20 Unbelievable Ways You Never Knew You Could Use Hair Spray

Sure, it holds your 'do, but that's just the start of the useful jobs hairspray performs.

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17 Uses For Alcohol (Besides Drinking It)

'To alcohol, the cause of and solution to all life's problems,' opined that great opiner, Homer Simpson. To prove Homer's...