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A good outfit can transform a blah day into a great day. We’ve got tips and tricks to help you pull off your favorite look at an affordable budget–and feel incredible doing so.

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    15 of the Most Gorgeous Inaugural Gowns Worn by First Ladies

    First Ladies have often been trendsetters—some truly changed fashion history. But before they become fashion icons, they're officially introduced to...

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    9 Things You Shouldn’t Wear on a Plane, According to Flight Attendants

    Take it from the people who fly for a living—you can look stylish and still travel in comfort with their...

    15 Simple Fashion Upgrades That Make You Look Expensive

    You don’t have to spend a fortune to look like you did. Top stylists share their secrets for elevating any...

    16 Classic Handbags to Add to Your Wardrobe

    Start building a timeless collection today.

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    28 Photos Showing Kate Middleton’s Stunning Transformation Since Becoming a Royal

    The college girl we once knew as Kate Middleton has evolved considerably in the nearly two decades during which we've...

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    7 Signs You’re Wearing the Wrong Bra Size—And How to Find One That Fits

    Use this bra size guide to find out how to measure your bra size, know when a bra doesn't really...

    8 Unexpected Brands You Didn’t Know Were on Zappos

    We love shopping Zappos for their vast shoe inventory and fast, free shipping. But did you know you can shop...

    15 Fashion Rules You Should Know by the Time You’re 40

    Fashion should be fun at every age—and with these tips, you’ll look better than ever.

    11 Things That Should Never End Up in Your Washing Machine

    Trust us, it's worth the extra effort of making sure these things never end up in your next load of...

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    Why Kate Middleton Rarely Takes Her Coat Off in Public

    No, it’s not because she’s cold.

    The Best Shapewear for Every Type of Dress

    We call these undergarments "wonder-garments" because of the near-magical way they make any day or evening dress look flawless.

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    If You’re Not Buying Clothes from Costco, You Might Want to Start

    While we were all focusing on Kirkland Signature food, Costco was slowly gaining steam in the clothing world to the...

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    Here’s What Happens When You Stop Wearing a Bra

    Going braless is a personal choice. Here the pros and the cons according to experts.

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    11 Cleaning Secrets Only Professional Dry Cleaners Know

    Can't figure out what that mystery stain is? Turn to the pros for advice on how to clean tricky items...

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    How to Make a DIY Face Mask

    Keep yourself and others safe and healthy by wearing this DIY face mask.

    15 Affordable Sunglasses That Look Expensive

    Looking glamorous doesn’t have to cost you a bundle. For proof, check out these stylish but cheap sunglasses that are...

    8 Things You’re Not Buying at Zappos—But Should

    Shoes are just the beginning of what your favorite footwear site has to offer.

    Every editorial product is independently selected,...

    16 Outfit Mistakes That Make You Look Messy

    On ordinary days, you can let these clothing mishaps slide. (Maybe.) But when you want to make a good impression,...

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    The Story Behind Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” Dress

    The sheer, glittering dress dazzled and scandalized America in 1962. We know who wore it, but who designed it, and...

    I Found the Perfect Wire-Free Bra—And I’m Never Wearing a “Real” Bra Again

    There is a silver (wireless) lining to this COVID-19 pandemic.

    The Bra Color That Won’t Show Under White Shirts (It’s Not Nude!)

    Nude isn't the only color of bras that don't show under white shirts. Be prepared to have your mind blown...

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    Why I Still Get Dressed Every Day to Work from Home

    Yes, I could wear fuzzy PJs all day as I work. But here's why I don't (and maybe you shouldn't,...

    This Is What Really Happens to Your Used Clothing Donations

    Think someone else is cozying up to your like-new sweater you just donated? Think again! Chances are it's now a...