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Hair is everything, as well as its own accessory and we’re here to help you navigate everything from hair care products to hair care routines. Whether you have long hair, short hair, or somewhere in between, we’ll help your hair be as healthy and shiny as it can be.

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    8 Sanity-Saving Tips for Styling Thick Hair

    Don’t let your hair weigh you down. Try these tricks to gain control of your thick hair and style it...

    7 Must-Follow Hacks for Packing Makeup in a Carry-On

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    7 Ways to Air-Dry Your Hair So It Still Looks Awesome

    Put down the blow dryer. These stylist-approved techniques and products will have you air-drying like a pro—whether your locks are...

    11 of the Craziest Things Hairdressers and Manicurists Have Ever Seen

    You think you've dealt with some wacky stuff? Check out these hair and nail-raising experiences from some of the industry's...

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    8 Things that Can Happen When You Cut Your Hair Short

    Even if you've cherished your long locks for years, one writer's life-changing pixie cut could inspire you to make a...

    Why You Should Swap Your Shower Routine and Condition Before You Shampoo

    This simple switch can do wonders for your hair.

    12 Drugstore Hair Products Stylists Swear By

    No need to shell out for expensive salon products.

    10 Effortless Work Hairstyles Made for the Busiest Mornings

    Even with a jam-packed morning schedule, it's still possible to look pulled together and professional for work. Here are some...

    Here Are the Beauty Resolutions 17 Experts Are Making

    Want to look your best in the New Year? Start by checking out how beauty pros are resolving to make...

    My Non-Negotiable Beauty Rule, According to 38 Experts

    Want to know what the beauty pros swear by? From dermatologists to plastic surgeons to makeup artists, we've got you...

    12 Portion Control Rules for Beauty Products

    When it comes to beauty products, size definitely matters—portion size, that is. Going overboard with some things—anti-agers, for instance—can leave...

    Sea Salt Spray: The One Hair Product You Need for Perfect Beach Waves

    You won't need a dip in the ocean to get summery, beach-kissed waves, when a few strategic spritzes will make...

    8 Make-Your-Life-Easier Beauty Tools You Need to Own

    We're not saying these beauty tools will give you supermodel looks, but don't be surprised if you start snapping more...

    13 Commandments for Using Hair Conditioner

    Conditioner delivers healthy, lustrous locks—if you use it correctly. We got top hair experts to spill their secrets for getting...

    28 Last-Minute Beauty Buys that People Actually Want

    Spoil the beauties on your list with these cult-favorite products, sized just right for gifting.

    The Best Haircuts for Your Face Shape

    Hairstyles are not one size fits all. The 'do that flatters that stylish PTA mom or your favorite celeb might...

    Ready to Go Gray? 13 Things that Happen When You Stop Coloring Your Hair

    From the first sign of a gray strand, many of women run straight to their colorist. And so the cycle...

    15 Hairstyle Terms to Know Before Your Next Salon Visit

    Even if you bring a photo of your dream 'do, knowing this hair lingo will help you score the exact...

    8 Rules for People with Thin Hair

    Struggling with baby fine or thinning hair? Give your locks a little TLC with these health-boosting hacks from industry pros.

    One Awful Hair Salon Experience Made This Man Embrace His Graying Hair

    Denial. Disguise. And then, finally, acceptance. Here's how a man learns to embrace his silver fox.

    16 Secrets Your Hairbrush Wishes You Knew

    Time for some tress-saving tool talk! From how to brush for shiny hair to the best bristles for your hair...

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    Make Your Hair Color Last Longer: 14 Tricks From Stylists

    Don't wash that color (and $$$) down the drain.

    20 Unbelievable Ways You Never Knew You Could Use Hair Spray

    Sure, it holds your 'do, but that's just the start of the useful jobs hairspray performs.

    Guess What This Device Is Used for: Hair Styling or Torture?

    Hair salons used to be way, way weirder.

    10 Curly Hair Styling Tips That Might Just Change Your Life

    You’ve been waiting your whole life for this advice, curly girls.