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From beauty hacks to product tips, we’re here to help you figure out make-up essentials and how to look your best–no expensive products required.

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    10 Common Underwear Problems—Solved!

    We asked lingerie experts to weigh in on common undie issues and how to fix them. Now you can say...

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    12 of the Most Epic Movies About Weddings

    Get set for bridal gowns, loads of roses, and all the lace and ruffle you can handle in these movies...

    Will Your Payless ShoeSource Be One of Nearly 400 Stores Set to Close?

    After filing for bankruptcy, the shoe retailer is closing 378 of its least successful locations.

    9 Grooming Treatments Every Man Should Be Getting

    This isn't even about pampering—it's about looking healthy. Here's how men should be tending their hair, teeth, eyebrows, and nails.

    8 Questions Your Hairstylist Wants You to Start Asking

    Take this list with you to your next hair appointment!

    7 Reasons You Should Start Taking Apple Cider Vinegar Baths

    It’s hard to deny that apple cider vinegar is a magical substance that can help with any ailment. Multitask during...

    12 Things to Know Before Signing Up for a Subscription Service

    We're debunking common misconceptions and clarifying your questions about ever-popular subscription services.

    10 Small But Significant Romantic Gestures That Can Improve Any Relationship Almost Immediately

    Expensive jewelry and trips to Paris? Nope. Ten women explain why the small, romantic gestures matter more.

    The $11 Drugstore Mascara Top Makeup Artists Can’t Stop Buying

    We asked celeb makeup artists to reveal their fave drugstore mascara and were shocked that they all said the same...

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    What Your Favorite Handbag Says About Your Personality

    By looking at your purse, we can tell whether you prefer stability or making wild memories—and, to think, you were...

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    8 Secrets to NOT Looking Like a Mess After a Long Flight

    A professional jet-setter shares her tips for stepping off an airplane looking rested and radiant.

    8 Stylist-Approved Tips to “Shop” Your Own Closet This Spring

    If you look at your closet screaming, "I have nothing to wear," simply step away. These stylist-approved tips will help...

    The Best Underwear for Your Butt Shape

    Whether you refer to it as a fanny, booty, rump, or rear, the fact is we all have one. What...

    10 Things to Keep in Your Purse to Be Insanely More Productive

    Your purse is the keeper of everything you need on a given day. But let's face it: Do you really...

    How to Find the Best Jeans for Your Body Type

    How do you look awesome in jeans? No, not by trying on 800 pairs. By following these denim experts' tips...

    8 Five-Minute Hair Hacks Lazy Girls Will Appreciate

    Consider these pointers your hairway to heaven.

    Top Tanning Secrets: Look Like a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model on Your Next Vacation

    Some of the faux-glow pros behind this iconic annual photo shoot share their top tips and tricks to achieve a...

    8 Secrets to Finding the Perfect Foundation Formula, According to a Makeup Artist

    With an endless flow of products, formulas and unique applicators launching each month, it's easy to become overwhelmed when thinking...

    11 One-Second Tricks to Look Instantly Thinner in Photos

    The camera can add 10 pounds, but these tricks make you look slimmer than ever—no diet required.

    The 11 Most Effective Natural Beauty Products You Can Buy

    Store shelves are packed with "natural" beauty products, but which ones are a must for good health? Our experts reveal...

    8 No-Heat Hairstyles to Wake Up with Great Hair Tomorrow

    Literally do your hair while you sleep.

    Why You Should ALWAYS Wash Brand-New Clothes Before Wearing Them

    That brand-new shirt isn't as perfectly clean as you may think. In fact, it could leave you with an allergy,...

    How to Find the Best Makeup for Your Eye Shape

    Finally get the open, lifted eyes you've been wanting.

    10 Easy Beauty Tricks Lazy Girls Will Appreciate

    A minimalist beauty routine with maximum impact? Yes, please! Here, pros reveal how to speed up and simplify your approach...

    The Best Earrings for Your Face Shape

    You may have heard about why choosing the right haircut or glasses for your face shape is important, but here's...

    23 Amazing Shopping Sites That Support Women’s Causes

    Give back to those in need by doing what we do anyway—shopping, but choosing to spend our money on brands...

    7 Ways Your Signature Look Is Making You Look Older

    A bold red lip, heavy retro bangs, or a French mani may once have defined your look, but now it's...