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From beauty hacks to product tips, we’re here to help you figure out make-up essentials and how to look your best–no expensive products required.

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    Best Foods for Skin: Eat These 6 and You Could Make Your Face Look Younger

    These superfoods for your skin are packed with anti-aging nutrients that protect skin from damage and keep skin young. Here's...

    How to Make Jewelry: 5 Handmade Projects That Look Totally Professional

    Lusting for new baubles? In their book Make A Statement, Janet Crowther and Katie Covington teach you how to make...

    8 Makeup Artists’ Tricks to Look Younger

    Ever wonder how Hollywood actresses look like they never age? Chances are their makeup artists use some of these tricks...

    Home Remedies for Sunburn: 11 Treatments to Feel Better Fast

    These natural home remedies for sunburn will help your skin to heal while soothing pain and inflammation.

    Here’s Why You Look Good Naked

    A massage therapist has seen more unclothed humans than he can count; all of them perfect.

    How to Rock a Weird Beard and Other Funny Facial Hair Styles

    Photographer Greg Anderson captured this first-rate facial fur at the 2013 National Beard and Mustache Championships—but we have some ideas...

    Zero Waste Uses for Eggs, Eggshells, and Egg Cartons

    The ultra-utilitarian egg is a kitchen staple, but it has several other surprising uses around the house.

    Breaking Up? Best Apps to Get You Through the 5 Stages of Grief

    Looking to erase an ex from your mind and reach the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Today’s technology can...

    11 Tricks to Sneaking in a Workout

    Here's how to sneak in a workout during the day, either on the job or during lunch—and look like you...

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    New Research: How to Look Younger

    Whether you can fool others about your age depends on a surprising mix of factors.

    13 Iconic Shoes That Changed America

    Audrey Hepburn’s famous flats, 80s power sneakers, make-a-statement Manolos: Here, a well-heeled history of American footwear.

    3 Ways to Hide Wrinkles in Plain Sight

    Ready to fool the eye? Here's how -- no facelift required!

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    How to Make a Memorable Entrance

    Psychologists say most people form impressions of others within the first four minutes of meeting them, and 80 percent of

    7 Secrets to Instant Youth

    Smile! Forcing yourself to smile actually makes you happier. And people perceive those with broad smiles as being younger than

    6 Tips for Storing Your Summer Wardrobe

    Instead of simply packing away your summer clothes, why not take the opportunity to do a bit of wardrobe editing?...

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    5 Beauty Myths Drying Out Your Skin

    Are you falling for these skin care myths?

    Make Over Your Jewelry Box

    Have your rings lost their luster? Are your necklaces in a tangle? With our fast makeover, your favorite baubles will...

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    9 Foods to Smear All Over Your Face

    Banana Who needs Botox when you have bananas? That’s right: You can use a banana as an all-natural face mask

    Dress Codes Defined

    You've just been invited to a wedding, party, or business event. Here's a handy guide to help you decide what...

    6 Unique Beauty Salons and Lounges

    You'll want to make an appointment.

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    How to Make Your Own Fragrance

    Making your own fragrance can be easy and affordable – no science degree required. For the best results, keep your

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    How to Find the Right Swimsuit For You

    Swimsuit season is upon us! And while many women cower at the thought of shopping for a new suit, it

    25 Fashion Rules You Should Be Breaking

    Some rules were meant to be broken, especially when it comes to personal style.

    13 Things Your Jeweler Won’t Tell You

    Learn the secrets to getting the most out of your fine jewelry purchases.

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    Secret Ingredients for Naturally Beautiful Hair

    Almost everything you need to have rich, healthy hair you can find in your pantry.

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    How To Look Thinner Instantly

    Here are a few things you can do now to look five pounds lighter.