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From beauty hacks to product tips, we’re here to help you figure out make-up essentials and how to look your best–no expensive products required.

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    9 Makeup Tricks You Must Know to Fake Fuller Lips

    In a few easy steps, you can plump up before you pucker up.

    9 Genius Ways to Transition Summer Clothes to Fall You’ll Want to Start Now

    As the weather cools down, don't rush to put your summer favorites into storage.

    9 Denim Jeans Mistakes You Make That Ruin Your Outfit

    How to finally get this closet staple right.

    Keep Your Purse Organized and Clean: 10 Tricks All Women Must Learn

    A purse is like a portable storage room, but it can quickly turn into a black hole with all the...

    13 Tricks to Make Your Makeup Last All Day, According to Pros

    The right routine will keep your makeup from becoming a melty mess by lunchtime.

    7 Sneaky Ways You’re Applying Makeup All Wrong, According to Top Makeup Artists

    Makeup artists reveal the biggest makeup mistakes you might be making—and share how you can get the right look with...

    7 Simple Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Pop

    Here are secrets to big, bold eyes!

    10 Beauty Secrets to Steal from Marilyn Monroe

    Because Old Hollywood never goes out of style.

    This Is the Exact Genius Way to Pack Makeup For Travel to Prevent Messy Disasters

    Don't start your trip with a broken eye-shadow palette. This is how to keep everything secure.

    7 Easy Styling Tricks to Revamp Your Wardrobe in One Weekend or Less

    Tiny tweaks and cheap upgrades you can make to items you already own.

    17 Hair Dryer Hacks That Can Make Your Life Easier

    This nifty bathroom essential can do a lot more than just dry your hair.

    11 Ways Beauty Products Can Basically Solve All of Life’s Little Problems

    Take your favorite products beyond the bathroom cabinet and use them to clean, fix, and beautify in every room.

    11 Makeup Tips That Make You Look AMAZING in Photographs

    Be prepared for any photo opps in your future.

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    13 Things Your Hairstyle Could Reveal About Your Personality

    First impressions are important. Here are some clues your hairstyle could provide.

    9 Clever Ways to Make Your Go-to Beauty Supplies Last Longer

    Get the most use out of your lipsticks, polishes, perfumes, and more.

    20 Things Shoe Salespeople Are Secretly Thinking About You

    Ever wonder what the person who helps you get 300 different pairs of shoes is thinking when in the backroom?...

    6 Men’s Toiletries Women Should Steal (and 1 They Definitely Shouldn’t)

    The packaging might be different, but what’s inside many men’s and women’s products is almost identical. But—bonus!—men’s toiletries tend to...

    12 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Sloppy

    Avoid these common makeup moves for a more polished look.

    8 Secrets Aestheticians Won’t Tell You for Free

    Lucky for your skin, they’re revealing them now.

    10 Mind-Blowing Hacks for 10 Beauty Products You Use All the Time

    Get double duty from the beauty products you already own.

    7 Foolproof Tricks for Wearing White This Summer

    How to find the perfect white tee, fix a stain on the go, and brighten dingy clothes.

    Summer Makeup Tricks: 9 Ways to Make Your Makeup Last in the Heat

    Don’t let your makeup melt away while you’re soaking up the summer sun.

    Make Your Home Look Expensive: 9 Simple Upgrades That Add Value

    How to choose sophisticated-looking accessories and highlight the features that give your home value.

    18 Brilliant Ways to Use Bobby Pins You Never Thought Of

    Use bobby pins to clasp a bracelet, iron pleats, fix flip flops, and more.

    8 Quick Beauty Tricks for Radiant Summer Skin

    Why you need to exfoliate less and go makeup-less more.

    7 Simple Ways to Care for Your Summer Wardrobe

    How to stop your sunglasses from stretching, fold your favorite airy sweater, and keep your whites as white as possible.

    Common Wardrobe Malfunctions: 19 Brilliant Tricks to Fix Them

    How a paper clip can attach a button and an eraser can fix your suede bag.