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From beauty hacks to product tips, we’re here to help you figure out make-up essentials and how to look your best–no expensive products required.

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    4 Essentials for Your Makeup Bag

    Expert Tina Turnbow’s four must-have touch-up tools: 1. Blotting papers: M.A.C. blot films get high marks because “they won’t disturb

    Super Saves for Stained Clothing

    Super Saves for Stained Clothing

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    Get the Best Lashes Without Expensive Eyelash Growers

    Would you ever use the lash-growing drug called Latisse? Originally used as a glaucoma medication, the drug in Latisse was

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    How to Keep Your Hairstyle Looking Fresh

    Prolong a Blow Dry Jim Clinton a “Today Show” stylist, who also works at the Vartali salon in New York

    8 Ways to Store Your Suedes and Leather Goods

    When properly taken care of, your favorite leather accessories will last a lifetime.

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    20+ Natural Ways to Have Great Hair for Less

    Skip the salon and add body to your wallet: Here are over 20 hair tips for natural ways to get...

    Fix Sneaker and Shoe Odors

    Let bad smells go running -- step into a fresh pair of shoes or sneakers with these simple solutions.

    10 Uses That Prove Aspirin’s Amazing

    Take two and call it a day -- aspirin makes car, home, beauty, and clothing care a cinch

    How to Dress to Look Thinner

    According to Stacy London, cohost of TLC's What Not to Wear, it's easy to look 10 or 15 pounds lighter...

    15 (More) Things Your Hairstylist Won’t Tell You

    Exclusive extras from interviews with hairstylists on how to get the most out of your hair salon visit.

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    6 Foods for Better Skin

    Use food to achieve flawless skin.

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    4 Ways to Treat Dry Skin

    Dry Skin — One Common Problem, 4 Expert Solutions. [step-list-wrapper title=”” time=””] [step-item number=”1.” image_url=”” title=”Dermatologist” ]Cold weather and low

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    11 Ways to Sneak Exercise Into Your Day

    1. Put your favorite walking shoes by the door at night so you'll see them first thing in the morning....

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    How to Host a Spa Party

    You and your tightly wound friends could really use a day at a spa — but thinking about the cost

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    How to Heal Sunburn

    One common problem — four expert solutions. The Dermatologist Take an anti-inflammatory in the first 12 hours to reduce the ultimate

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    11 Home and Beauty Uses for Mayonnaise

    Condition your hair Hold the mayo… and massage it into your hair and scalp just as you would any fine

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    5 New Holiday Fashions for Your Pet

    From festive Santa bandanas to red and green collars -- stylish accessories to get your pooch in vogue for the...

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    Scented Bath Oil

    Pamper loved ones with a gift of this sweet-smelling moisturizing mixture. The ingredients are available from your local health-food and

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    Maintain a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

    From the time your first tooth poked its way through your tender gums, those pearly whites have played an enormous

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    How to Choose Makeup and Use It Beautifully

    Check any woman’s bathroom, and chances are you’ll find a plethora of makeup, much of it old and barely used.

    Storing Delicate Clothing

    Carefully storing your delicate clothes will ensure they last for years to come.