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Here Are the Beauty Resolutions 17 Experts Are Making for 2017

Want to look your best in the New Year? Start by checking out how beauty pros are resolving to make 2017 their most beautiful year!


Embrace a healthy lifestyle

"My New Year's resolution is to realize and embrace the thought that without health, there cannot be real beauty. That includes healthy nutrition, hydration, exfoliation, dental care, sufficient rest and relaxation, protection from the sun. All of these provide the foundation for real beauty." —Beth Minardi, celebrity hairstylist at the Samuel Shriqui Salon in New York City


Show off your favorite feature

"My resolution is to highlight my favorite facial feature. Everyone has at least one part of their face they tend to favor—mine is my lips. So in the New Year, I want to concentrate on making them the star of my face. This can come in the form of a colorful lipstick, a gentle, plumping exfoliator, or just rocking them in their natural state. By highlighting your favorite feature you encourage positivity, and concentrating on what's right is better for your overall health." Mona Gohara, MD, associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine (Want fuller-looking lips? Use these makeup tips to plump up your lips before you pucker up.)


Start weekly hair masks

"Healthy hair equals beautiful hair. Next year I want to focus on easy, preventative beauty routines. Taking the time to indulge in weekly hair masks and treatments are key. And why not share the love with your face? A weekly face mask will nourish the skin and remind us to take a little time for ourselves." —Cindy Saguil, stylist at Genesis Salon by 124, Suwanee, Georgia (Beautiful skin is as close as your kitchen when you whip up one of these DIY facial masks.)


Invest in Fraxel treatments

"I hope to continue eating my berries (high in antioxidants) and Greek yogurt breakfast, get more sleep on a regular basis (you synthesize new collagen and skin cells best while sleeping), and get "Fraxeled" from head to toe (to keep the wrinkles away)." Arielle Kauvar, MD, clinical professor of dermatology at New York University School of Medicine

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Carve out time for simple routines

"In this digital era of immediate results, time is of the essence. That said, I'd like all of us, myself included, to take time to create moments to care for ourselves. That might be a simple grooming routine before I go to bed: washing the day away, using my favorite skin-care product, lighting a candle, relaxing, and falling asleep. This will prepare me to take on the next day." George Alderete, North American Creative Ambassador for Keune Haircosmetics (Here are the nighttime routines of people with great skin.)


Use more natural products

"My main goal for 2017 is to be more environmentally aware in general, and because I'm hearing of more and more allergic reactions to dyes, I'm going to veer heavily toward using natural/organic/vegan hair and beauty products—both on myself and my clients. And since I'm an animal lover and don't eat meat, I'm also going to focus on using products that aren't tested on animals. One easy way to do this is to make my own products, so I plan to start trying and testing out home recipes for home masks." —Elizabeth Maloy, a stylist and colorist at the Yves Durif Salon in New York City


Invest in CoolSculpting

"As a dermatologist, I've always taken care of my skin. However, as both a 40-year-old woman running my own business and a mother of four children, it's been a challenge to return to my pre-baby physique—despite eating well and exercising daily. But I'm resolved to do it in the New Year! To help me finally achieve my goal, I'm using CoolSculpting, an FDA-cleared body-contouring treatment that's perfect for helping to get rid of the pesky areas of fat that diet and exercise can never quite seem to remove." —Jill Waibel, MD, founder of the Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute


Get back into Pilates

"I have two beauty resolutions for the New Year. The first is to get back into Pilates because the exercises tighten the muscles under the skin and make the overall appearance of my arms and thighs look smoother. The second is to start rinsing my hair with cider vinegar between my shampoo and conditioner, to help it look shinier and more lustrous in the dead of winter." —Audrey Kunin, MD, an assistant clinical instructor of dermatology at the University of Kansas School of Medicine and founder of the DermaDoctor skin-care line (Check out these health benefits of apple cider vinegar.)


Try new nail polish colors

"I promise to wear nail polish all the time, but I will try new colors and not repeatedly wear the same shade." —Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, co-founder and brand ambassador of OPI Products (Here's what your nail polish color reveals about your personality.)


Start your day with peace

"My New Year's Resolution is to start my day every morning with 10 to 15 minutes of peace. I'll use my favorite face mask while drinking a pot of oolong tea to rejuvenate my spirit from the inside out." —Wei Young Brian, founder of Wei Beauty

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