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My Non-Negotiable Beauty Rule, According to 38 Experts

Want to know what the beauty pros swear by? From dermatologists to plastic surgeons to makeup artists, we've got you covered


No foundation lines

"My number one rule: foundation and concealer must match your skin. Otherwise it looks fake and obvious." —Leslie Munsell, founder of Beauty For Real (Every makeup-wearing woman should know these concealer tricks.)


Line your lips

"Statement lip colors are all the rage right now but they require lip liner. If you are wearing a color that will draw attention to your lips, lip liners help keep everything in place and in balance, especially if you are prone to lip color bleeding or feathering after application." —David Klasfeld, CEO/creative director of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Inc.


Wash before you work out

"Always wash or tone your face before exercising, or else when you wipe off your facial sweat you will push the oil, dirt, and debris on your face into your pores, causing clogging and breakouts." —Neal Schultz, MD


Categorize clothing strategically

"Instead of organizing my closet by item category, I group my clothes into three sections according to the role they play in my wardrobe: key pieces, basics, and statement pieces. Key pieces are the main players in my wardrobe that I build my outfits around. Basics are the "supporting roles" that I pick second to fill any gaps, and statement pieces are what top it all off. This helps me look effortlessly put-together in a flash." —Anushka Rees, style writer and author of The Curated Closet


Hydrate inside and out

"Chances are you are probably not drinking enough water during the day and you might be really surprised at how much you need it. I keep a water bottle handy at all times to remind me to drink up. I also use lotion from head to toe, especially on my face, to hydrate from the outside. Lotion is important to keep skin looking plump, dewy, and healthy. It also helps prevent inflammation, irritation, and redness by locking in water." —Katie Niemiec, Chicago style and beauty blogger at Little Black Blog


Never pop a pimple

"If you have blemishes, do not scrub, pick, poke, or squeeze them. And for heaven's sake don't put toothpaste on them. It's very likely that you'll do more damage than good. If you have a problem that doesn't clear within a few weeks, see a dermatologist. Your dermatologist knows which over-the-counter products have proven benefits and can also prescribe a more personalized treatment regimen. Friends, family, and the internet mean well, but for every piece of good advice is an ineffective old wives tale, like the toothpaste." —Janet Prystowsky, MD, board-certified dermatologist and president of Livad Skincare


Use an eye cream

"Always use an eye cream and apply it around the entire orbital area—most people forget about the upper lid. The area around the eyes is much thinner than the rest of the skin on the face; it's the thinnest skin on the body and lacks oil glands, which give our skin protection. It's also an area we move a lot so it ages the quickest. It's not okay to use a cream meant for the face around the eyes since they can be clogging to the delicate eye area. The eye area tends to age faster than other areas of the face. During the day I apply an eye cream to protect and hydrate, and at night to heal and correct." —Pearl Dworkin, licensed esthetician in San Francisco


When in doubt dress up

"Nothing looks more beautiful on a woman than confidence, but that said, we live by the rule that it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed. And never underestimate the power of heels to help you feel confident." —Beckie Klein and Martina Gordon of Media Style NYC


Don't cut your own hair

"Have your hair cut by a professional, don't just DYI your cut and color. This way your hair will be healthy and have a suitable shape. I also never compromise on a good quality shampoo and conditioner as they will determine the condition of your hair." —Richard Mannah, International Artistic Director of label.m USA


Skip scented soaps

"As a coast-to-coast working movie actor, I am often covered in full body makeup, so I know the importance of skin care. I always start with a non-detergent soap like Dove or Vanicream as many body washes and soaps are overloaded with detergents that strip away my skin's natural oils and cause me to feel like a sponge that's been lying in the desert for a couple hours. And while I do love scent and wear cologne every day, I skip scented soaps in the shower. It's terribly annoying to hop out of the shower and put on a face moisturizer or body lotion only to be going about my day and like "what's that smell? That's not my cologne." Maybe I'm a snob about this, or maybe I am just overly sensitive to smells, but it drives me a little batty when I smell my soap or lotion all day." —Paul Cram, actor

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