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25 Fashion Rules You Should Be Breaking

Some rules were meant to be broken, especially when it comes to personal style.

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Pastels are only for the spring

Sure, the pastel palette does lend itself to the spring season, thanks to the like-colored flowers blooming everywhere, but they can also be worn year-round, according to Elizabeth Jones, of Elizabeth Jones Personal Styling. "You see ballet pink, lilac, and mint green popping up more than just at Easter—sometimes even in home decor," she says. "You can wear these light precious colors even in the fall, which is why more brands are carrying them all year long." These tips will help you transition your winter wardrobe to spring.

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You should always dress for your age

While Nicole Russo, stylist and founder of Let's Get You, never encourages mature women to dress like college students, she feels very strongly that no person for that matter should face ageism when it comes to how they choose to dress. "Anyone who tells you that women of a certain age can't wear certain things probably isn't comfortable with how they are aging," she says. Fashionistas of all ages just need to be sure to avoid these 50 things that are making you look older.

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Gold and silver jewelry don't match

While bold jewelry in these colors might clash, more subtle pieces in gold and silver actually go quite well together. "That crystal or diamond that may be on your gold bracelet brings out the silver in your ring making everything match," says Jones. "And you can throw some rose gold in as a perfect in-between."

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You have to have a certain body type to wear certain clothes

Confidence is key when it comes to how you dress, so if you're not comfortable in a certain piece of clothing, you shouldn't wear it. "Our body shapes are unique and learning how to dress them confidently is one key to an excellent personal style," says Russo. "You have to have an understanding of what works for you and what you feel great in." In other words, if you feel good in something, you should wear it—and rock it! Here are science-backed tricks for boosting your self-confidence.

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Exposed collarbones and shoulders are unprofessional

Following your company's dress code is important, but most don't dictate that you dress like someone from the colonial days. "Experimenting with new styles at work extends the life of our investments and helps break new ground in the workplace," says Russo. Just steer clear of these 16 things your boss wishes you would stop wearing to work.

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Being a mom means you have to dress like one

Stylists agree that, while having children might change how you choose to dress, it doesn't have to. If you want to keep some of the wardrobe staples you rocked in your pre-mom days, by all means, you should. "You created life, you didn't lose yours!" says Russo. "While having children brings more practicality into your wardrobe, you don't lose the right to be sexy, confident, and well-dressed because someone calls you 'Mom.'"

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Don't shop the men's department

Women and men shouldn't limit themselves to the department associated with their gender. "If you're a woman, shopping the men's department will give you so many more options—it's one of my favorite style secrets," says Jenny Applegate, a Chicago-based stylist. "Mixing men's hats, jewelry, bags, and clothing in with feminine pieces creates fun looks."

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Brown and black do not match

Dark colors can go together—and even complement each other, according to Jones. And black and brown are certainly no exception. "You can wear your brown trench coat with your black jeans or your black jeans with your brown boots," she says. "You may even pair your brown scarf with your black dress." These are more simple fashion upgrades will make your outfit look expensive.

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Never wear socks with sandals

Not only is wearing socks with sandals sometimes more convenient (i.e. when it's chilly out!), but it doesn't always look silly either. "Socks can actually make your look, especially when they feature fun prints," says Jones.

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You should never wear sunglasses at night

They might not be the most practical evening accessory, but as long as you can see with them on, stylist and designer Mickey Freeman believes you can totally wear sunglasses at night. "Sometimes shades can complement your whole ensemble, highlight your cheekbones, and add a bit of mystique," he says. "Sunglasses can also act an essential add on to any look for those who do not feel like being bothered." These are the best sunglasses for your face shape.

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