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They say you spend over a third of your life working, so you might as well love what you do. Whether you are loving every second of work, searching for a new career, or just trying to make the workday a little more bearable—Reader’s Digest is here with the tips, tools, and strategies to help you get to work.

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8 Ways Even Introverts Can Be Leaders At Work

Is natural-born leadership really a thing? Communications expert, author, and coach Kristi Hedges, says introverts have just as much potential...

10 Surprising Ways People Found Their Dream Career—And You Can Too

You may have a fantasy career in mind, but sometimes life has other plans. Here's how nine entrepreneurs and community...

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The Best-Ever Graduation Gifts for Every Major

Lots of grads will agree, cash is the most appreciated graduation day gift, but if you're looking for something more...

8 Huge Mistakes Women Make When Asking for a Raise

Across the board, women are significantly less likely to ask for a raise than men. Over decades of working, this...

How this Woman, the First One Born in Her Family in 90 Years, Is Breaking the Mold

Despite coming from three generations of city dwellers, she decided her future belonged elsewhere.

This Inspiring 83-Year-Old Runs a 210-Acre Farm—and Has No Plans of Retiring

There’s no mandatory retirement age on this sister’s farm.

Memorize This One-Minute Trick to Improve Your Relationship with Your Co-workers

One small rule of email etiquette is all it takes to show you care.

The Youth Organization That Keeps Churning Out Trailblazers—It’s Not the Girl Scouts

You might think Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, or the 4-H Club are just childhood activities, but wait till you hear...

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What Your Handshake Really Reveals About Your Personality

From too firm to too limp, and too rushed to too long, people judge a lot about you by your...

12 New Networking Rules You’ll Need to Land That Dream Job

Need to brush up on your networking skills? Career guru Kelly Hoey, author of Build Your Dream Network, shares the...

10 Social Media Moves That Could Completely Sabotage Your Career

It's true: Landing that dream job, a promotion, or a raise could be put in jeopardy if you're sharing questionable...

The Call That Changed An EMT’s Entire Life

“Mark my words; there is going to be that one call. That one call is going to change your life.

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Your Password Recovery Questions Are Insanely Easy To Hack—and You Might Be to Blame

Lucky for you, we turned to the experts for tips on fixing them.

Turns Out Those Trendy Open Offices Got It All Wrong

Let's bring back walls and doors, shall we?

This Craftsman Has Made 145,000 Hammocks in 30 Years. Did We Mention He’s Blind?

His company says he's never dropped a stitch in his whole career.

Good News: You Can Learn A New Language Without Even Thinking About It

Learning may be as simple as getting distracted.

The Truth About What Happens When a Doctor’s Mistake Takes a Patient’s Life

Doctors and nurses make deadly errors every day and are reprimanded for them. But don’t they also deserve some support?

Forget Classical Music—This Soundtrack Will Make You Insanely More Productive

Once you hear it, you'll never got back to your old tunes again.

This Is Why Some Words Just Sound Funny—and Others Don’t

What can science really tell us about humor? Just a load of blablesoc and hablump.

This Infographic Is Your Ultimate Guide to Dressing for Work

We’ve all been there: standing in front of the closet before an interview or day at work, questioning what’s appropriate

Leggings as Pants? We Settle the Debate

Here are the fashion rules for wearing leggings as pants.

A Woman Was Denied a Job Because of Her Dreadlocks—But That’s Not the Worst Part

Can an African American woman lose a job offer because of the way she chooses to wear her hair?

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This Is the Single Best Way to Deal with an Embarrassing Moment Gracefully

You can't retract your slip-up, but you can do these things next.