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They say you spend over a third of your life working, so you might as well love what you do. Whether you are loving every second of work, searching for a new career, or just trying to make the workday a little more bearable—Reader’s Digest is here with the tips, tools, and strategies to help you get to work.

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10 Ways to Recover After Making a Bad First Impression

Bad first impressions are a fact of life. The good news is, with hard work and consistency, you can recover...

8 Ways to Stop Bickering About Money with Your Spouse

Finances are the top reason why couples argue. However, there are ways to maturely and fairly have "the money talk"...

11 Ways the Most Productive People Handle Their Emails

Even though it’s meant as a tool for productivity, email end up as nothing more than a distraction. Productivity expert...

8 Networking Tricks For Introverts to Ease Your Awkwardness

Networking can be a daunting task, especially if you have an introvert personality. Use these tips to build meaningful connections...

This Is the Single Best Excuse for Calling in Sick, According to Your Boss

A recent survey found the top 10 excuses for staying home—and what bosses actually think of them.

Everyone Should Know the “20-Second Rule” for Breaking Bad Habits

Make nasty habits a little harder to follow, and your brain will do the rest.

15 Ways to Avoid a Severely Awkward Situation

No doubt you’ve seen—or made—more than one of these boneheaded blunders. Avoid them and you won’t have to engage in...

This Might Be the Single Best Way to Make a Long Commute Go By in a Flash

Scientists singled out this totally free, low-effort hack: listen to a podcast.

You Won’t Believe the Amazing Art this Barn Painter Creates All Over America

This self-taught barn painter will happily decorate any structure anywhere—the bigger, the better.

21 Awesome School Supplies You’ll Want to Steal from Your Kid

Your kiddos don't need to have all the fun with back-to-school shopping.

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10 Hacks to Free Up Space on Your iPhone (Without Deleting Photos!)

Tired of the message, “There is not enough available storage"? Read on.

7 Magic Phrases to Help You Nail Public Speaking

These sayings will bring your next presentation from meh to memorable.

This Amazing School Is Teaching the Blind to “See”—By Using Their Tongues and Mimicking Dolphins!

Sending out sonar to learn their surroundings is giving blind people a newfound independence.

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Welcome to “Bomb Dog U,” Where Pooches Are Trained to Thwart Terrorism

It’s hard to conceive of a more brilliant tool than a canine’s nose for sniffing out danger in public places.

This Man Fooled Millions of People With His Atomic Bomb Sound Effects. Were You One of Them?

With 20 minutes to airtime, a sound-effects artist had to reproduce a noise he’d never heard—the detonation of an atomic...

You Won’t Believe the AMAZING Art This Mom Is Making on Her iPhone

Warning: Ali Jardine's photo art is so gorgeous you will want to live inside it.

You’ve Got This: Mental Tricks to Feel in Control When Everything Is Going Wrong

You can’t control everything in life, but you do have a say in your own actions. When you feel like...

The 18 Best Things You Can Do for a Stress-Free, Productive Start to Your Workday

Why you should sip green tea and only check emails for 15 minutes.

5 Times Paper Is Way Better Than Digital

Here's when to skip the impulse to reach for your phone or laptop and pick up a pen instead.

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Hate Your Commute? 8 Mental Tricks to Make Traffic Go By Faster

Instead of giving in to road rage, make your commute happier and safer.

15 Body Language Mistakes You Make During Job Interviews

The majority of our communication comes from body language. Here's how to avoid sending the wrong message—and sabotaging your job...

How to Perfectly Write a Thank You Note for a Job Interview

A memorable thank-you note can prevent you from being overlooked and help you land the job.

How to Bounce Back From a Bad Performance Review (So You Don’t Get Fired)

Don't stew, complain, or plot revenge: Here's how to react to a negative performance evaluation so you can move onward...

How to Say No to Annoying Things in Your Life (Without Feeling Like Everyone’s Going to Hate You)

From school bake sales to unwanted projects at work, here's how to keep your "no" short and sweet with zero...