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They say you spend over a third of your life working, so you might as well love what you do. Whether you are loving every second of work, searching for a new career, or just trying to make the workday a little more bearable—Reader’s Digest is here with the tips, tools, and strategies to help you get to work.

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8 Ways to Inspire New Ideas and Have More Eureka Moments

Being sleepy can boost your ability to have an "aha!" moment as much as 20 percent.

Fake Being Smart: These 9 Daily Habits Make You Look Intelligent

Simple habits that will help you project an air of intelligence, no matter who you're talking to.

8 Reasons You Can’t Focus and What to Do About It

It takes your brain 15 minutes to regain focus after checking an email—whether you respond to it or not.

Do You Have Grit? This 3-Question Mini Quiz Can Tell You

Forget optimism, charisma, or emotional intelligence. Do you have the #1 trait that you really need to get ahead?

22 Tricks to Keep Your Office Desk Neat

'Sanitation Weekly' just named your office Dump of the Year. You’ve worked hard for this honor—hoarding junk, creating a dust...

6 Ways Doodling Can Make You Smarter, Happier, and More Productive

According to numerous studies, doodling is a mental tool that improves concentration, memory, creativity, and even happiness. Every president doodled...

10 Tricks to Lose Weight Just Sitting at Your Desk

Being stuck at a desk all day doesn’t mean work has to be bad for your weight.

Laid Off? 8 Ways to Mentally Recover

Get yourself into a positive frame of mind before you tackle your new job search.

Brilliant Career Advice From CEO Introverts

These quiet leaders have something important to say.

11 Words to Always Say In a Job Interview

You've got all the nonverbal stuff nailed down: a good haircut, the right clothes, a firm handshake. Now, here are...

How to Set Up a Perfectly Productive Cubicle, According to Science

Keep your important files close and a stress ball and lemon mist closer.

9 Things All Good Listeners Do During Daily Conversations

Communication is crucial in this high-stress, high-speed, and high-tech world. Sometimes amid all that’s going on, we forget to really...

The Annoying Reasons You’re Always Late, and How to Outsmart Them

Punctually challenged or trying to reform someone who is? Figuring out your time-sucking triggers is the first step developing better...

10 Unexpected Ways Your Clothes Can Change Your Mood

Ponder this before you select your next office outfit or workout duds.

These Outrageous Job Search Gimmicks Actually Got Me the Job

Jobseekers get points for originality. Check out these attention-grabbing job-search gimmicks and gaudy resumes that made hiring managers take notice....

9 Subtle Things Your Nail Polish Color Reveals About You

Here's why neon feels youthful and a clear shellack means you've got business to attend to.

10 Words to Never Say In a Job Interview

You're smart enough to avoid saying "like," "kinda," and any swear words, but can you guess the ones on our...

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4 Companies You’ll Wish You Worked For, Per the Onion

America's finest fake news site presents an inside glimpse at the 'best' places to work.

9 Tricks Every Procrastinator Should Know to Be More Productive

Never seem to get things done? Here, tiny steps that will kick your procrastination habit to the curb.

7 Sneaky Reasons You Never Finish Your To-Do List

These to-do list-making mistakes can hinder you from reaching your goals. Here's how to write a more effective to-do list.

3 Reasons Strict ‘Time Management’ Actually Ruins Your Productivity

Trying to be better at scheduling your time? Stop. It doesn't make you happier or more productive.

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11 Joyous Walt Disney Quotes Guaranteed to Inspire You to Dream Big

On December 5, 1901, a boy was born in Chicago who would draw a mouse that changed the world. Before...

10 Quotes From People Who Demanded Respect

From a civil rights icon to a feminist who fought for women's rights, these ten social reformers spoke out for...

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13 Things Airlines Don’t Want to Tell You (But Every Flier Should Know)

From how to get the best seats to disgusting airplane habits to avoid, get these insider secrets to a safer,...

Be Thankful Your Mom Didn’t Send This Email to Your Boss

Could you imagine emailing the CEO of the company where your child is about to intern to make sure he'll...