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They say you spend over a third of your life working, so you might as well love what you do. Whether you are loving every second of work, searching for a new career, or just trying to make the workday a little more bearable—Reader’s Digest is here with the tips, tools, and strategies to help you get to work.

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    20 Business Secrets from the Savviest Girl Scout Cookie Sellers

    Need motivation to get ahead in your career? Look no further than these Girl Scouts, who have a stronger entrepreneurial...

    11 Highest-Paying Jobs That Require Zero Experience

    It's tricky to land a job that requires prior experience if you cannot get a job to gain that much-needed...

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    15 Things You Didn’t Know Your Mac Laptop Could Do

    You won’t believe what you’ve been missing—and how much easier it will make your life.

    Business Travel: Read This Before You Have to Travel for Work

    From navigating an airport and a rental car line to finding healthy food options along the way, traveling for work...

    14 Careers That Could Make You a Millionaire Before You Retire

    In a survey of millionaires, these are the top careers where you could sock away a million by the time...

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    Why Wednesday Is the Best Day to Take Off Work

    Not taking a long weekend might be better for your health in the long run.

    11 Things to Never Say at Work

    You know better than to say racist comments, spew blatant sexual harassment, and discuss politics in the workplace, but there...

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    Is It Bad to Forcibly Shut Down Your Computer?

    Pressing the power button to turn off your computer can save time—but can it also damage your machine?

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    13 Women CEOs Who Made History

    It's now 2020, and while women have been making some impressive inroads, breaking the glass ceiling of certain industries has...

    14 Signs That Your Boss Is Spying on You

    Have you ever had that funny feeling that someone is watching you? At work, it's probably true—here are the signs...

    How to Sign a Document on Your Computer

    More businesses are moving into the future by embracing e-signatures. Here’s what you need to know to sign correctly and...

    The Best April Fools’ Day Office Pranks Anyone Can Pull Off

    Who said the office can’t be fun? When it comes to pranking colleagues, we all know the classics: exchange keys...

    This Is the Average Commute Time in Every U.S. State

    Americans spend an inordinate amount of time commuting to work each day—find out how your state stacks up.

    Why Writing—Not Typing—Will Make You Smarter

    Choosing a pen over a keyboard does wonders for your memory.

    These Are the 10 Best Places to Work—And They’re Hiring!

    Great perks, competitive salaries, and fulfilling work. Get your resume in shape and apply for one of these dream jobs!

    This Is the Day You’re Most Likely to Call in Sick

    Sick days are sometimes contagious, as any boss can tell you. Find out when workers are more likely to be...

    13 Times Mail Carriers Were Everyday Heroes

    Their job often puts them in the right place at the right time, but it's their hearts that made these...

    Why More People Are Going to Portugal to Retire

    Portugal is the number one retirement destination for 2020. Find out why this tiny European nation is the perfect spot...

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    10 Things Flight Attendants Aren’t Allowed to Do

    Their job description is more unusual than most—and so are the rules they have to follow.

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    15 Gmail Hacks Guaranteed to Free Up an Hour of Your Day

    How to file your entire inbox automatically and the basic keyboard shortcuts that are too simple not to remember (hint:...

    Here’s How Your Employer Knows Everything You Do Online

    Forget about just reading the emails you send on your work computer. Your employer could be monitoring your every keystroke.

    16 Things CEOs Always Do Before Bed

    From journaling to playing video games, these strategies help CEOs fall asleep easily, wake up happy, and seize the day....

    How One of the Largest Delivery Services Prepares for Christmas

    After learning how UPS delivers Christmas to millions worldwide, you may never complain about your own hectic holiday season again!

    10 Ways to Prioritize Like a Boss

    We rounded up the best tips and advice from successful business owners on how to get stuff done.

    The Sneaky Way You’re Sabotaging Your Own New Year’s Resolutions

    Every new year, we pledge that this will be the year we keep our resolutions—and then we don't. Why is...

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    Finally! A Definitive List of What Those F1 – F12 Keys Do

    You can stop wondering about those function keys. We have the answer.

    What to Eat Before Making a Big Decision

    About to make a big decision on an empty stomach? You may want to delay the choice until you fire...