Recover Faster From Jet Lag

Nothing’s worse than arriving in Europe for a vacation only to spend the first three days feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck as you try to recover from jet lag. To reset your internal clock more quickly, follow this advice:

1. Allow a day for every time zone you’ve passed through to fully recover from your jet lag.

2. If you’re flying east, book an early flight. If you’re flying west, however, book a later flight.

3. Begin preparing for time changes a few days before your departure by getting up a half hour to an hour earlier or by going to bed later (depending on where you’re heading).

4. When you get on the plane, immediately adjust your watch to the time of your destination. If it’s nighttime, try to sleep.

5. Use sunlight to reset your clock. After flying west, spend a few hours outdoors in the afternoon; after heading east, take a half-hour walk outside in the morning.

6. Consider taking melatonin when you get on the plane to help you sleep, and then again after arrival when it’s time for bed to help reset your body clock.

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