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30 Brilliant Buys on Amazon with Practically Perfect Reviews

When it comes to shopping on Amazon, user reviews often make or break the decision to buy something or not. These products have such incredible reviews that you won't be able to resist adding them to your cart—or at least to your wish list.


A k-cup carousel to help you see your stash

The Keurig coffee system has revolutionized how many people grab their morning cup of joe, trimming the process of brewing down to take mere seconds. With so many different flavors and varieties of coffee, tea, and cocoa available, this highly regarded storage unit displays 35 single-serve pods and features a Lazy Susan base that rotates 360 degrees. It reduces packaging bulk too, according to a reviewer, who says "it also fits under my cupboard with heaps of room to spare." It's destined to become one of those Amazon products you'll use every day.

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An amazing applicator for baby ointment

Spreading a thick layer of cream or ointment onto your baby's bottom results in sticky fingers—until the advent of this bum brush, that is. Made of pure soft flexible silicone that's safe and gentle on even sensitive skin, it's earned an impressive 4.9 out of five stars from close to 5,000 reviewers who love it because it's easy to hold, easy to clean, and durable. Make sure to never use these 10 products that aren't safe for baby, though.

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Handcrafted bath bombs for a luxe tub

Taking a bath can be as simple as soap and water, but those who like to luxuriate appreciate the additional benefits of bath bombs. This well-reviewed set of 12 moisturizes normal and dry skin thanks to star ingredient shea butter. Over 4,700 Amazon reviews love them for their long-lasting scents that smell equally as good in the bathtub as they do in the box. Check out the surprising benefits of baths for adults.

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Affordable earbuds

While headphones can set you back a pretty penny, this budget pair has more than 7,000 reviews—all of them five stars—and are a fraction of the cost of a typical set. Featuring a super-comfortable noise-reducing fit and a mess-free single-wire design, this pair is worth having on hand for earbud emergencies—or when you simply need to tune out. Just be sure to be aware of the times your earbuds could make you seem rude.

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A pretty brilliant backpack

A backpack is one of the most important items for students, commuters, or those who like to tote a ton of stuff around without a ton of pain from carrying. This model is updated with essential extras including a headphone jack so you can listen to music hands-free as well as a built-in USB port that allows you to charge any electronics on the go, plus a slew of smart storage pockets. Reviewers love the ample space, particularly the hidden zip pouches, perfect for carrying valuables.

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A letterboard for social media messages

If you've logged onto Instagram anytime in the past few years, odds are you've seen a few (or hundreds of) accounts using felt letterboards to caption real-life images and capture the mood of a given situation. Step into the present with this beloved iteration, which almost 2,000 Amazon reviewers swear is of the highest quality while being easy to use, too.

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Doggie bags that fend off the stink

If you have a pup, odds are you've taken him or her for a walk and had to pick up poop. It stinks—literally and figuratively, right? Avoid the stench in the future with these eco-friendly, lavender-spiked poop bags instead. Reviewers love them for big dogs, noting that "they are well made, thick material" and have "never had one rip" during use. Now that problem is solved, read on for the answer to the mystery: why do dogs spin around before they poop?

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A super-fun swing set for the kiddos

Setting up a play space for your little ones isn't always the easiest task, but this easy-to-use swing makes it a breeze. It has a curved design for added safety and comfort and a center hole that allows for water drainage from rain. Reviewers love it for taking less than 15 minutes to hang and its durability, with several kids being able to pile on it at once.

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A grime-busting yoga mat cleanser

Your yoga mat is probably dirtier than you may realize—especially if you ever share it with a friend—which means it's time for a good scrubbing. Reach for this cleanser, which has earned top marks for its relaxing lavender scent and included microfiber cloth that makes cleaning up a cinch. The formula is all-natural and biodegradable, perfect for the eco-minded yoga warrior.

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Packing cubes for on-the-road organization

While traveling can often mean relaxing, it's important to make sure you've brought all the creature comforts of home as well as any specific items you may need for your destination. Stay pulled together with the help of these beloved packing cubes—which come with four per set plus a laundry bag as a bonus—and you'll never forget anything again.

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