App Alert: Never Have to Hold It At the Movies

It’s happened to us all: We’re engrossed in a movie at the theater and suddenly that paint can-sized cup of soda starts to kick in. Excuse yourself and you may miss the best part of the movie. Stay seated and you’ll suffer the uncomfortable consequences.

That’s where “Run Pee” comes in. The appropriately named website and free app duo features a list of new movies with times and cue lines during which you can get yourself to the nearest bathroom. Install the app on your phone, select the movie you’re watching, start the timer after the credits roll and your phone will vibrate to let you know when you can be excused. It’ll even give you a summary of the minutes missed making your bladder happy. Genius.

Planning on seeing The Perks of Being a Wallflower?About 46 minutes into the flick, Sam will sit with Charlie in her bedroom and say she loves him. After that line, you have four minutes to relieve yourself. How about Paranormal Activity 4? Sneak out once you see Robbie and Wyatt go into the house across the street. (Although, based on the first three Paranormal Activity flicks, something tells me you may pee your pants long before then—they’re freaky!)

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